7 Affordable Ways To Bring Festive Cheer To Your Home

7 Affordable Ways To Bring Festive Cheer To Your Home

Too early to be thinking about Christmas decorations? We don’t think so. And, apparently, neither do any of the stores or shopping malls. Every year, the festive season brings a certain amount of excitement and – at times – trepidation about the extra expenses you have to accommodate in the month of December. But in 2020, let’s keep as many of the festivities affordable if we can. COVID-19 has, no doubt, put extra pressure on everyone’s finances, so some of the main Christmas trends in 2020 are about doing the most with what you have. And getting creative about how to bring the festive cheer into your home. These 7 easy tips will help you embrace the festive season, and bring a touch of Christmas to your home. Plus, they won’t break the bank. We hope you get some ideas…

Christmas trends 2020

Classic blue




The Pantone colour of the year is Classic Blue, so why not bring a few navy accents into your home? This bold shade is a super trendy hue for 2020 so shops should have a selection of festive knick knacks for you to display in your home. If you don’t want to spend too much money, but still want to make the most of this colour trend, try adding a touch of blue paint to worn out decorations, or decorate with inexpensive items like ribbon, runners and napkins. We love this classic blue table setting perfect for a special Christmas lunch. It’s understated and still on trend.

Image by @lilypadcottage on Instagram



Holiday baking



One of the best things to come out of this year’s lockdown is that most of us managed to master the art of baking. How many loaves of banana bread were devoured in your homes? Did you tackle the homemade sourdough? Let’s stay with this fun and affordable pastime by creating some delicious festive treats for the whole family. Get cracking with Christmassy biscuits or Santa-style shortbread. They look great, so can be displayed along with other decorations and, hopefully, they’ll taste good too. Pinterest is packed with tutorials and recipes, so there’s no reason not to give this a go. A bonus? If you get really good, your gingerbread men can even be used as Christmas tree decorations.

Image by @cafesucrefarine on Pinterest




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According to the experts, this elegant shade has taken the festive decor world by storm. The colour is somewhere between silver and gold and will add a super glamorous feel to your Christmas tree. And, there are loads of DIY options here, too. Like using platinum-dusted paper plates instead of your special China. In fact, a bit of glue and glitter could bring the platinum trend to any number of Christmas decorations, from wreaths to wrapping. If you want to buy a few extra goodies, Woolworths has you covered. We love this elegant festive look displayed on the Woolies Instagram.

Image by @woolworths_sa on Instagram



Neutral decor




This is a major trend in more than just the festive season space. In almost every design sphere, people are getting back to nature and embracing the simpler things in life. This is perfect for an affordable, paired-back Christmas as you won’t have to dip into savings to bring this festive trend to light. Rather than expensive Christmas flowers, create a dry arrangement with greenery from the garden. Like in this image, you could decorate with ferns and dry plants and display them in woven baskets for an earthy, natural feel. And, keeping with this idea, why not wrap gifts in brown paper and string rather than bright wrapping paper? The options here are endless.

Image by almafied.com




back to nature: the affordable natural materials your home needs

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DIY decorations



In the next few weeks, rope family members into creating custom Christmas decorations. The kids will be doing it at school, anyway. And display your creations with pride. The DIY decor trend has boomed as a result of the COVID-19 cash crunch, so make the most of it and take the opportunity to have some fun. There are so many DIY decoration ideas online, from wreaths made with clothes hangers and felt (like the above) to homemade baubles and, of course, DIY Christmas crackers. The end results don’t have to be perfect. They’ll bring a genuine touch of Christmas to your home.

Image by heatherednest.com



‘Green’ wrapping paper



As in recyclable and sustainable. We don’t expect you to have dozens of green parcels under your tree. The eco-friendly design trend has been extremely popular over the last few years and now it’s making its way into the Christmas trend landscape. Wherever possible, people are cutting back on waste and ‘going green’ as often as they can. This includes during the festive season celebrations. This year, rather than spending money on unrecyclable wrapping paper, package gifts in cute and colourful fabrics. And you don’t need to stick to traditional festive colours, either – we love the pastel shades and polka dot ‘paper’ used to wrap these gifts. Time to do a wardrobe chuck out and see what reusable fabric you find?

Image by @jessannkirby on Instagram




Easy design hacks to make the most of small spaces

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Nostalgic decor



This year had us all feeling nostalgic – dreaming of simpler, less sanitised times. And this is reflecting in the 2020 Christmas trends. Now, rather than buying more baubles and decorations, ask Gran if you can raid her age-old Christmas box. It’s probably been stored in a cupboard for years so the knick knacks you find will appreciate being brought out of hiding. Another nostalgic Christmas trend for 2020 is DIY photographs displayed on the Christmas tree. Simply print out a few of your favourite snaps and paste them onto cardboard backing. Then peg them to the tree like in this example image. You’ll have guests gazing at your tree for hours, talking about their best memories. It’s sweetly sentimental – and affordable.

Image by @beneathmyheart on Pinterest


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