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Before we get carried away with all the interesting new content that’s coming to site, we thought we’d tell you about where it all started. And who’s behind this brilliant brand. It’s time to introduce the Insite Interiors founder, Christie Jensen. Here’s what you should know about how Insite Interiors came to be, and what makes Christie Jensen tick…

Get to know the founder, Christie Jensen

Christie Jensen


Where did your interest in design start?

I’ve always loved art and architecture so, when I thought about what to study after school, interior design immediately piqued my interest. I enjoyed my degree at the University of Johannesburg. But, after studying, longed to get out of my comfort zone and explore the world. Like so many graduates, I suppose. I landed a job working as an art dealer on a cruise liner, which was exciting and I got to see some wonderful things. While travelling, I discovered the marvels of South America, so I left the cruise ship to explore that incredible continent for a while. I loved learning about the South American history and culture. And the architecture in the main cities is some of the most striking I’ve ever seen. Those cathedrals!

Eventually, I made my way back to SA where I worked as an interior designer for a company. But, I always knew I wanted to start my own business and let my creativity free.

How did Insite Interiors get to where it is today?

I started my first interior design company, Scandi Interiors, in 2016. At the time, I was so inspired by the clean lines and modern functionality of Scandinavian design that it became the basis for my company. But, as my knowledge grew and I learnt more about the design industry as a whole, I knew I couldn’t limit myself to one single design style. Earlier this year, I rebranded the business and launched Insite Interiors in February 2020.

The new name gave us a lot more freedom, and we’ve done everything from cosy boho kitchens to modern, minimalist apartments. The name change coincided with developments in our offering, as we’ve started taking on more full turnkey projects and whole-scale renovations. We still offer bespoke design services, creating things like custom wardrobes, cabinets, bars and furniture. But we can also redo a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom from start to finish. This is the company I always wanted to run.

What is the best part of the job?

Meeting new people. And sitting down with those people to brainstorm ideas, develop concepts and talk about the hopes and dreams they have for their homes. A home is such an important part of life, so I want to make my clients’ spaces feel beautiful and special. The most rewarding part is seeing a space transform; being part of every step from concept to completion and knowing we made a client’s idea come to life. That’s a very satisfying feeling.

What are your favourite projects to take on?

The ones with no budget!

No, I like tackling projects that are a bit different. One client had really eclectic, rustic tastes so we redid her kitchen in a distinctive farmhouse style. We used reclaimed railway sleepers and ironwood, and finished the cupboard doors with a unique paint technique. The final product had a wonderfully homely and comforting feel.

Interiors farmhouse kitchen

Then, kind of in the other extreme, we were asked to do the interiors for a small apartment in town. That project was minimalist functionality at its best. We used super high-end finishes, tones of black and white, and every line was considered. There were built-in fridge, washing machine and dishwasher units so that the external was totally clean. We learnt how to make the most of smaller spaces.

Interiors minimalist apartment

And the third project I will always remember was when we redid certain parts of a beautiful big house in Bryanston. The client gave us a lot of creative freedom to make the most of the space, so we experimented with clad walling in the bedrooms, installed floating sliding doors as room dividers and built spectacular double-volume mirrors to open everything up. The finished product was breath-taking, even if I say so myself.

Interiors mirrors

Which design trends are you loving at the moment?

The minimalist trend will always appeal to me. Clean lines, modern finishes, no clutter. And I’m still mad about modern Scandinavian design. The chic farmhouse look with neutral colours and fine details is one of my favourites. And, right now, there’s a fun spinoff of the boho trend coming up in design projects where you incorporate elegant natural elements into a space. Things like marble and granite, greenery and dried flowers, and woven accents. That’s been fun to play with.

What else are you passionate about?

I still love painting, and nothing puts me at ease like sitting down with my brushes and watercolours to create something special. And my daughter is the ultimate joy in my life. She was born in February and, so far, motherhood has taught me more than I can say. Otherwise, I dabble in Spanish lessons and dance around to rhythmic Spanish music. I see my family as often as I can and, generally, try to live as gently as possible.

Images by Lorna Jane Photography


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