6 home office ideas to create an effective work space

6 Home Office Ideas To Create An Effective Work Space

This year, we’ve all had to get used to the idea of working from home. And, even as lockdown regulations ease and things start to return to a version of ‘normal’, many of us are still trying to master how to work from home effectively. Six months ago, you might have been satisfied to set up your laptop on the dining room table, but now working from home has become pretty official. And, it’s hard to be organised and productive in a chaotic or cluttered space. If you want to create an effective and functional home office space for yourself, we’ve got some ideas to get you started. Check out the below and, hopefully, be inspired…

Top 6 home office ideas

1). Chase the sun

The location of your home office space is important. And worth considering before you start moving furniture around and redecorating. An area with ample light is often the best option. Working in a bright, airy space will help you feel calm and creative. And it’s easier to stay focused. No one wants to work in a dark, gloomy part of the house where you’re more likely to take a nap than be productive. When you’re thinking of where to place your desk, it’s easy. Just chase the sun.

We love this trendy home office unit set up in front of vast, double-volume windows. Inspired by Coricraft.


2). Clear the surfaces

A messy, cluttered space is never going to inspire effective work and productivity. You’ll start tidying and never stop. But when you’re working, you’re bound to need some papers or physical files, so the solution can’t be to pretend they don’t exist. Rather create a proper system or get yourself a neat and tidy storage unit. You could go for an old-school look with a classic credenza, or opt for the clean lines and functionality of a storage cupboard unit. And, if you’d prefer an original installation, look at custom book cases or shelving units as an option.

We love this bright and tidy office space, inspired by @home.

3). Add pops of colour

Use colour to make your home office feel more inspiring. Bright tones of yellow, blue or emerald will remind you that work shouldn’t be a total snooze. Paint one of the walls in a rejuvenating shade of green – it’s associated with good health, healing and is thought to revive us. If that’s a bit much, stick to pops of colour in the form of quirky lamps, cushions, rugs or throws. Just because it’s a home office space, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.

We love these bright yellow office accessories, inspired by Mr Price Home.

4). Don’t compromise on comfort

If you’re working a regular nine-to-five day at home, it’ll be worth investing in a comfortable office chair. While the bar stools and tub chairs look stylish, they might not be particularly functional. We’d suggest going for something with arm rests and decent back support. No one knows when we’re likely to be working from our offices again – if at all. So it’s worth getting yourself a great office chair at home. You won’t regret it.

We love the look of this home office, courtesy of @home. And the chair looks comfy and elegant, too.

5). Think about your desk

Traditionally, we think of an office desk as being big and heavy with lots of drawers for all your papers and files. But we don’t all work in the Oval Office. And, in fact, we don’t really work like that anymore. These days, most files are stored digitally and we’re used to working on a laptop rather than a PC. So, your necessities take up very little space. If you like the idea of working on a sturdy, mahogany desk then, of course, go for it. But, don’t be nervous to do something totally different and set up a streamlined work table instead.

We love this sleek glass table with wooden trestle base. Available at Coricraft.


6). Add some finishing touches

This is the fun part. Hang art on the walls, play with cushions or throws, get a cute vintage radio to create some ambiance. And a bit of greenery goes a long way in a home office. It’s nice to have something to keep alive while you’re working and bringing some of the outdoors inside will freshen your work space. Greenery is a huge design trend right now, but before you create a secret garden-style home office, try out one or two sturdy plants to see what you can manage.

We love this elegant pot plant from Native Decor. It would look great on your desk at home.

Got a few more office ideas for us? Feel free to send any creative suggestions through.

And, if you want to design a custom space to suit your specific needs, contact us to find out more about our bespoke design services.


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