6 budget-friendly ways to spruce up your kitchen

6 Budget-Friendly Ways To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Let’s be honest, in most households, families spend the majority of their time in the kitchen. It’s where you start your day with a hot cup of coffee, where everyone gathers as soon as they get home, and where meals are lovingly prepared and (quite often) consumed. Whether you live in a house of two or ten, the kitchen will likely be the most frequented space in your home. So, it’s nice to make it as pleasant a room as possible. With these 6 easy tricks, you can give your kitchen a quick facelift, without breaking the bank. A win-win if ever there was one…

Top 6 budget-friendly kitchen ideas

1). Add some texture

If your kitchen is looking a bit drab and you want to add a little something extra, think about experimenting with texture. You could bring in a patterned carpet or lush rug from another room – very budget-friendly. Or, buy a few metres of interesting wall paper to put up in a central place. A popular spot for wall texture is behind the stove, the backsplash. If go you with wallpaper here, make sure it’s durable and easy to clean. Another option is to hang a few decorative woven items on the wall or add wicker baskets to the shelves. Cheap and effective! We love this dramatic wallpaper in this otherwise monochrome kitchen.

2). Play with colour

Nothing brightens a space like a pop of unexpected colour. And, if you use your own belongings rather than buying new – and are prepared to be a painter for a day – this is a super affordable way to spruce up your kitchen. As part of a renovation in Bryanston, we added bright accents to the kitchen to revive and refresh the client’s space. The yellow paint used for the backsplash immediately draws the eye and adds a unique flair. And the owner’s complementary blue salt and pepper shakers and accessories help to liven up the area. Using these two ideas, anyone can add personality to their kitchens in a very budget-friendly way.

pop of colour in a kitchen

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3). Repurpose old plates

Don’t follow that Greek tradition of breaking plates. Especially if they can be repurposed in an alternative and creative way. Rather than throwing out old crockery you don’t use anymore, think about how they could become accents in previously dull kitchen. That old, embossed dinner ware you got when you first got married – the ones with a chip on the edge? Give them a clean and hang them on the wall in pride of place. The crockery with the most eccentric look works best. And, when people come over, there’s an immediate talking point and possible story to share. Repurpose before you replace!


4). Make what you have work for you

If you don’t want to buy additional accessories for your kitchen, but still want to add some decoration, take another look at what you already have. Any matching teacups that could be displayed from tiny hooks? Colourful serving bowls that would look great on a floating shelf? Even beautiful recipe books that normally live at the back of a cupboard? There are myriad opportunities for you to use what you already have to spruce up your kitchen. In this farmhouse-style kitchen, we turned the owner’s kettle into a decoration. And filled shelves with quirky accessories she already had. The result is personal, fun and budget friendly.

Interiors farmhouse kitchen

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5). Bring it alive

We spend so much of our day in the kitchen, we might as well be breathing in a bit more oxygen while we’re at it. One of the easiest and cheapest ways of bringing life to your kitchen is by incorporating some greenery. Indoor plants are extremely popular at the moment, so you’ll find pretty and affordable options at most home stores or nurseries. The trick is to add some life and freshness without making the space feel cluttered. We love this minimal kitchen design with simple, sturdy indoor plant additions. It looks stylish and homely.

6). Try a new paint job

Sometimes, something as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference to a tired space. Get creative with trendy shades and think about the easiest ways to incorporate them into the room. Do you want to refresh the cupboard doors? Add a colourful finish to the shelves? Or, take on a bigger job and repaint the walls? It all depends on your budget – and how good a painter you are! This blue-grey shelf and cupboard unit adds personality to the kitchen, and won’t cost the earth to replicate.



If any of these suggestions seem too much for you to take on yourself, contact us about how we can help you refresh your kitchen. Everyone deserves to come home to a lively, welcoming space where they can happily wind down the day.

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