How To Add Value To Your Kitchen: Top 8 Tips

How To Add Value To Your Kitchen: Top 8 Tips

As kitchens become the heart and entertainment hub of the home, it’s worth making the space as functional and comfortable as possible. Making a few tweaks here and there can really pay off, not only for your own convenience but for the future value of your home and kitchen down the line. Here are 8 clever ways to add value to your kitchen…

8 ways to add value to your kitchen

1). Go neutral

A bold and colourful kitchen might be what you need to lift your spirits, but there are other ways to bring joy to your home. To increase the value of your kitchen, keep the colour scheme neutral and the tones light. With a quiet background – that’s likely to appeal to a range of tastes – you can have fun with colourful accessories and accents. Add a few bright pots or pans, but make sure the appliances match the overall neutral feel. It’s not boring, but value-savvy.

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2). Look at the lights

A kitchen needs to invite practical work in terms of preparing food, as well as entertaining or gathering as a family. It’s a multi-purpose room if ever there was one. The kitchen lighting will determine the kind of atmosphere you create. Soft lights and hanging pendants are more relaxing and subdued, while stark downlighting is better over work stations. Think about where you perform which tasks and install the appropriate lights. It’ll make your life easier and up the value of your kitchen over time.

3). Incorporate an island

A kitchen island is an elegant and practical item that will be used for everything from chopping vegetables to completing early-morning homework. And, with the right configuration you could fit a few bar stools on one side to create a handy breakfast bar. Kitchen islands can be pricey to install, but you’ll get use out of it every day – and they’ll certainly appeal to a future buyer.

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4). Refresh cabinets

This is a relatively affordable and very effective way of adding value to your kitchen. Because we use them all the time, kitchen cabinets tend to show a bit of wear and tear over time. Spruce yours up with a fresh coat of paint or varnish and update the finishes and handles. Go for classic durability for a modern and timeless look.

5). Grow some herbs

How wonderful would it be to have fresh basil or thyme at hand while you’re cooking? Not only do fresh herbs bring an extra depth of flavour to your food, but they make the kitchen smell fresh and fragrant. And they’ll add a bright, natural decor element to the space. Incorporate a herb box or built-in herb garden in your kitchen and you’ll reap the rewards every evening – and in years to come.

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6). Add a statement backsplash

It’s a way to bring some personality into your kitchen, and can be a fun DIY project to take on over a weekend. No one likes a chipped, grimy backsplash but, because of how it gets used, the backsplash is bound to need some attention from time to time. You can improve the value of your kitchen by updating the backsplash to keep up with current trends.

7). Update appliances

You might have got used to the temperamental toaster or know which plate on the stove gets the hottest. But, if you want to add real value to your kitchen, it might be time to update these quirky appliances. You don’t have to blow the budget and do it all in one go, but look out for discounts and specials on appliances you need. Repair what you can and replace things that are beyond hope. You might also consider a few smart appliances? The tech and home automation trend is well underway…

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8). Consider layout

Your kitchen needs to flow properly and make sense as you move around it. The right design and layout can help your kitchen function more comfortably and efficiently. There are basic rules to follow, like making sure the fridge, microwave and cupboard doors have space to open completely. And major appliances like the stove, sink and fridge should be together. If you pre-plan your layout, you should have everything you need when you need it. Think about dynamic space planning and customised storage solutions of your kitchen is a strange shape, or on the small side.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. And, if it’s designed and decorated properly, it can add real value to it. Contact us to find out more about our custom kitchen designs and kitchen renovation services.

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