6 Autumn Interior Design Trends Set To Be Big In 2021

6 Autumn Interior Design Trends Set To Be Big In 2021

We’re into our second year of the pandemic and, even in various stages of lockdown, we can’t ignore how important our homes have become. They’re offices, school rooms, entertainment venues, as well as places of refuge and sanctuary after a long day. With all this in mind, it’s no wonder things like cosiness, comfort and duality are major design trends for our autumn 2021. In this coming season, expect to embrace warm tones, cosy textures, soothing shades and, of course, nature’s all-important house plants. And, because we’re all trying our best, we deserve a touch of luxury too. Here are our top 6 interior design trends for 2021…

Interior decor trends for autumn 2021

1). Cottagecore

This autumn decor trend is all about comfort and nostalgia. And it’s wonderfully appropriate for cooler weather. Think warm hues, layering and lush fabrics. This is a more modern interpretation of the Granny Chic decor trend where colours, patterns and accessories are used to create an environment your Granny might have liked. Cottagecore is nostalgic in the same way – so feel free to go for romantic shades and ’50s prints – but with less wallpaper. We love the cosy look of this wicker arm chair, complete with inviting throw and sunshine-warm scatter cushion.

Image by @superbalist on Instagram

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2). Nature and nurture

In South Africa, we’re fortunate to have access to the natural world no matter where we are. But, when the weather starts to turn cold, we want to bring some of the natural wonder indoors. To give us that sense of serenity even when we can’t venture out. This is why the nurtured, natural trend for autumn is all the rage. You can create an organic environment with things like rattan or woven furniture, wooden accents or linen fabrics. And, who could forget our favourite home decorating tool – indoor plants? Add them to any room to instil a gentle natural feel.

Image by @weylandtshome on Instagram

3). Earth tones

Right now, we’re looking for calming elements that help ground us and keep us in tune with nature. Understandable when there’s so much chaos in the world. With the ‘earth tones’ interiors trend, you’ll be looking for warm, natural shades that work well in any room of the house. It’s believed that earth colours like sage green, pale pink, burnt orange and inky blue give us the courage to embrace change. They’re empowering. These shades will help turn your home into a natural sanctuary, and they work well for everything from wall paint to decor accessories.

Image by @superbalist on Instagram

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4). Soft edges

Looking at the autumn design trends for 2021, you’ll see a move towards rounded shapes and soft edges. It’s all an attempt to make spaces feel gentler and more welcoming – perfect for now, don’t you think? And you can incorporate this look in so many ways, from rounded chairs and couches to tables, rugs and scatter cushions. This stylish setting by Superbalist even features a sphere standing lamp that’s oh-so chic. Make the atmosphere even lighter with warm shades of pale pink and rust.

Image by @superbalist on Instagram

5). Touch of luxe

We’ve been working hard and getting through some of the most anxious times in our lives. So we all deserve a touch of luxury. Save up and buy yourself that exotic scented candle, lavish bed cover or silk cushion. Small things like this could bring you joy every day – and isn’t that what we’re after? Feel free to cheer yourself up with a bit of luxury, and the good news is it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Spoil yourself with an inexpensive scatter cushion or add shimmer and shine with new living room throws. We love the luxe dark colours in this bedroom, and the floral bedspread also hints at the Cottagecore trend – win win.

Image by @homewarestore on Instagram

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6). Dual spaces

As we mentioned earlier, our homes are working hard. And it can be tiring to constantly be moving your laptop and notebooks from the dining room table so it can turn back into a place for mealtimes. As far as possible, try to separate your work station from the rest of the house, even if it’s in a small alcove in the spare room or a different section of the lounge. Use rugs, artwork, plants and even wall paint colours to zone off different areas of the home so that a single space can perform dual functions. You want the area to tone, but feel adequately independent. Because it looks like we’ll be working from home for a while.

Image by @mrprice_home on Instagram

If you need any help perfecting these autumn interior trends, please contact us about our custom renovation services. We’d love to help!

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  1. […] ALSO SEE: 6 Autumn Interior Design Trends Set To Be Big In 2021 […]

  2. […] ALSO SEE: 6 Autumn Interior Design Trends Set To Be Big In 2021 […]

  3. […] ALSO SEE: 6 Autumn Interior Design Trends Set To Be Big In 2021 […]

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