How To Master The Spanish-Style Interior Design Trend In 2021

How To Master The Spanish-Style Interior Design Trend In 2021

It’s no wonder that Spanish-style interior design and architecture has become a major trend for 2021. It combines romantic traditionalism with cool sophistication and creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere. When the outside world is feeling quite chaotic, it makes sense that people want to retreat to the peace and quiet of a romantic Spanish villa. As there’s little chance of us actually visiting the Spanish landscape anytime soon, why not incorporate some of the country’s signature design elements in your home?

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How to bring Spanish-style decor into your home

1). Natural elements

To give your home a really Spanish feel, incorporate a few natural accents and textures. Elements like exposed brick, stone and wood create that rustic and romantic atmosphere that’ll instantly transport you to a Spanish hacienda. Go for small touches like a stone fireplace, wooden coffee table or natural linen-covered couches. We love the warm tones and rustic accents in this Spanish-inspired living room.

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2). Textured tiles

A signature element of the Spanish-style interior design trend is textured or patterned mosaic tiles. They don’t need to be used excessively and work well as a special accent. Standout tiles can be used in almost any space, from the kitchen or bathroom to the living room. They work beautifully on the step-down stairs to this old-world living room in a home in New York and we love the warm terracotta shades.

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3). Pops of colour

A truly Spanish-inspired room balances natural wood hues and bright whites with bold and experimental pops of colour. Just because the backdrop is simple doesn’t mean you have to shy away from energetic shades. Between the blue oven, gold bar stools and vase of crimson poppies, this Spanish-style kitchen is full of intrigue and sass. You can easily use accessories and feature appliances to create a similar look in your own kitchen.

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4). Eclectic accessories

Without making big changes and totally transforming your home into a Spanish casa, you can add small decorative items to give it that famous flair. It might take some time to collect the right kind of knick knacks or antiques, but that’s bound to be cheaper than doing a renovation overhaul. Keep an eye out for items to display, such as Spanish guitars, fedora or panama hats, unique rugs, romantic artworks or pottery jars. They’ll add instant Spanish panache to any home.

Living room space with spanish influences

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5). Exposed wooden beams

The large exposed wooden beams in this typically Spanish-influenced living room give the space a homely, old-world feel. This kind of interior design trick works best with high ceilings or double-volume spaces where you can really show off the worn, wooden beams. Dark wood is more traditional, while lighter material complements the popular bohemian-style Mediterranean look. Keep the colours muted so the wood really stands out.

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6). Domed ceilings

A Spanish-style home is welcoming and warm with an instantly appealing airy atmosphere. One of the ways to open up a space is to construct curved or domed ceilings or archways. This is quite a design commitment, so make sure this is the style you want before tackling structural changes in your home. But, nothing says modern Spanish design like open, wide ceilings, natural finishes and neutral shades. This living room is a beautiful example of contemporary casa-chic.

Spanish living room with curved ceilings

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7). Wrought iron accents

Even if you don’t want to change the structure of your home to incorporate built-in Spanish architecture, you can still create the hacienda look with more achievable accents. This atmospheric kitchen cleverly incorporates a traditional Spanish-style feature – wrought iron. The material is offset by neutral-coloured tiles and a white hob. Get the look in your own kitchen by adding a decorative chandelier or wrought-iron bar stools. The result should be moody but modern.

Classic spanish inspired kitchen with tile

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