5 Interior Decorating Tips To Help Boost Your Mood

5 Interior Decorating Tips To Help Boost Your Mood

Anyone else already starting to feel a little frazzled and fatigued? It’s still early in the year but, somehow, the general atmosphere seems more in line with the two weeks before December break. If this sounds familiar, we’ve got a few easy tips to help you boost your mood. And it could be as simple as repainting your bedroom.

It’s amazing the impact your home can have on your overall wellbeing and positivity. Because we’re all spending a lot of time at home right now, why not start your positivity project there? These 5 interior decorating tips could help…

5 interior decorating tips to help boost your mood

1). Pick a colour scheme

Sometimes, when there are too many contrasting colours in a room, the space can start to feel chaotic and cluttered. The general guide is to have a base palette of about 5 colours, and add a few complementary shades in similar tones to give the room depth. When choosing your colours, think about which shades bring you joy and what kind of atmosphere you’d like the space to have. Generally, the most neutral shade covers the most real estate in a room, and brighter colours are used as smaller accents. As long as the accent colours tone, you should create a cohesive and visually appealing space.

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2). Decorate with personal items

That’s how a house becomes a home. Items with sentimental value – like souvenirs from your travels, gifts from loved ones or family heirlooms – mean so much more than store-bought accessories. And they’re usually more unique. Wherever you can, display things that mean something to you and every time you look at them, you’ll feel a little happier. If you can’t put something out in its original form, like a medal, letter or pressed flower, place it in a frame and hang it on the wall with pride. Things like crockery and porcelain look lovely on shelves or hooks, and photographs, sculptures and keepsakes can be displayed in a cabinet. If something brings you joy, it’s worth getting creative in order to make it part of your living space.

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3). Layer lighting

You may not realise it, but lighting can have a significant impact on the way you feel in a certain space. Ever noticed how tense you feel in the stark light of a hospital waiting room? And, by contrast, how relaxed you are in a dewy day spa? Before you invest in new lighting systems, play around so you can understand a room’s optimum brightness. If downlighting seems harsh, add a few floor or table lamps to create warmth. Be aware of rooms with loads of natural light and try to take advantage that – those rooms might only need simple sconces to switch on in the evenings. And, nothing creates joy and positivity quite like tea lights and candles. Decorate with them in rooms that need a serious mood boost.

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4). Play with texture

Texture can be used to tell people how you want them to feel in a specific room – and it helps to create depth and intrigue. Looking for that calming hygge atmosphere? Add texture with throws, rugs and plush cushions. Want to create a serene space? Keep texture to a minimum, or keep it sleek with fabrics like satin and silk. There are so many ways to incorporate ‘touch’ into a space, from lampshades and pendants to wall paper. So play around until you find a balance that suits you. And don’t be afraid to have fun with unlikely combinations. We love the layered natural textures in this boho-inspired living room…

Image by FabHub on Pinterest

5). Go green

Looking for an easy way to use interior decorating to boost your mood. Add a few lush, green indoor plants. They instantly improve the energy in a space, add life and colour, and they’ve even been proven to have certain health benefits. Indoor plants help to increase oxygen levels and reduce stress. Be bold with one statement plant like a fiddle-leaf fig or bamboo palm standing proudly in a corner. Or, decorate with several smaller planters dotted throughout the room. Go with whichever decorating style suits you, and look forward to a naturally mood-boosting room.

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