Stylish home colour trends for 2021

Stylish Home Colour Trends For 2021

As the pandemic rages on all over the world, more of us are finding calm and respite in our own homes. It’s also where we’ve been spending most of our time. With this in mind, many of us took to DIY home projects last year – firstly to occupy our time while we were at home, and secondly to help create that sanctuary we’re all looking for. The main project people took on during the pandemic? Repainting.

While some found this task totally daunting and didn’t trust their artistic abilities, others leapt at the chance to tackle a home DIY project and appreciate the fruits of their labour. The most popular paint colours last year included Dulux’s Polished Pebble – a pale shade of greyish/white (captured below).

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We also saw shades of royal blue with Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 being the bright and bold Classic Blue. And, as we looked for peace and quiet at home, natural earthy shades like beige, grey and clay were all strong contenders. This according to a Dulux colour trends report for 2020. But, now as we head further into 2021, we feel it’s time to look ahead. What are the major home colour trends for this year likely to be? Here, a few experts make their suggestions…

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Home colour trends for 2021

Neutrals with a touch of green

A neutral colour palette will always be popular as it provides a subtle backdrop for almost any decor style. Natural shades like cream, white, beige, grey and eggshell create a tranquil atmosphere, something we’re all likely to be looking for in 2021. One way to complement these colours and incorporate a bit of excitement in a room? With earthy green. International interior designer Katherine Christopher of K Christopher Interiors says, ‘Green has restorative and calming qualities and will create a sense of comfort, stability and calmness while still keeping the interior uplifting, interesting and engaging.’

Image by @duluxsa on Instagram


Bright botanicals became a major trend in 2020 and their popularity is only likely to increase this year. Marc Hardy from UK-based interior design company Space I.D says, ‘Over the past year there has been a movement towards botanical colours and a 60s Miami vibe’. And, botanicals don’t just mean green. Hardy is predicting bright shades of pink, brass and monochrome tones to feature strongly in 2021. Time to embrace your colourful side.

Image by @duluxuk on Instagram

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Pungent shades

As we head into the cooler months, look out for bolder, warmer, more pungent colours that’ll help create that cosy luxurious feeling. Katherine says, ‘Warmer tones of red and plum are bold and rich enough to add a luxurious finish to an interior,’ and they can ‘create a sense of warmness and calm, particularly when there is less light from outside.’ Are you brave enough to make this kind of colour statement in your home? It’ll be something different, and perfect for a feature wall or a more vintage, boudoir look.

Image by @mrp_home on Instagram

Colour variations

Now we have an idea of the shades we’re likely to be seeing in 2021, but let’s see what other trends there might be in terms of paint and home colour. A popular trend at the moment is creating a textured look, either with special paint techniques or a sneaky wallpaper. And, there are ways of playing with paint to create interesting colour-block styles or stripes. The key here is to stick to similar colour variations as you experiment with designs. Senior Global Colour Designer for Dulux, Willeke Jongejan says, ‘My top home improvement tip: don’t think that neutrals aren’t striking on their own. Not every room needs a bold colour. I find that restricting the palette by varying the tone of a single colour creates one of the most stunning and elegant decorative effects.’ We love the look of this room where paler colour variations have been used to create an interesting paint division on a feature wall.

Image by @duluxsa on Instagram

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As we delve deeper into 2021, look out for more interesting and inspiring home decor trends. We definitely will be!


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  1. […] ALSO SEE: Stylish Home Colour Trends For 2021 […]

  2. […] ALSO SEE: Stylish Home Colour Trends For 2021 […]

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