Absolutely Blooming: Floral Decor Ideas To Give Your Home A Fresh Feel

Earlier this year, local designer Lou Harvey partnered with Mr Price Home to create a vibrant collection of home decor items. The Lou Harvey Creative Colab Collection features her signature bright and colourful prints on everything from scatter cushions and bed linen to storage cannisters. And it got us thinking…

Is it time to update our homes with bold, floral designs? This summer, give your home a fresh new feel by bringing in a touch of natural wonder to every room in the house. Embrace beautiful bold prints, lush greenery and standout botanicals. We’ve got a few great floral decor ideas that’ll give your home a summer-inspired facelift. Check them out below…

Featured image by Lou Harvey Creative Colab Collection and Mr Price Home (items available in store and online)

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Floral home decor ideas

Update the accessories

The easiest way to bring summer blooms to your home is to do a quick update. Rather than buying expensive new furniture or changing the colour of the walls, make small changes. Grab a bright floral vase, add a scatter cushion here and there, or drape a bright throw over the back of the couch. If you’re looking for inspiration for the kitchen, update the tea towels and dish cloths with blooming alternatives. And a floral table cloth will bring happiness to any dining occasion. Stores like Mr Price Home and Poetry are packed with these accessories right now, so take your pick.

Image by @lisarupp on Pinterest

Embrace living art

Indoor plants offer an easy way to bring life and colour to your home. And, you can absolutely turn them into artistic installations. There are so many varieties of house plants that you could go crazy with ferns, lilies, ivy or succulents. Create an indoor garden wall with clever crates or shelving. Or, mix things up with bold planters and vases. The below image features items available at @home – right on trend with metallic pots and geometric prints. One or two – or five – indoor plants are bound to liven up your home and create a fresh, floral feel.

Image by @homewarestore on Instagram

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It’s all in the detail

If you’d like to bring more blooms to your home, but are nervous about creating a suffocating flower forest, tackle the project little by little. Go for floral detail in things like ottomans, table runners or ceramic decorations. These items take up very little space and you can store them in a cupboard if you change your mind in a few months. Speaking of detail, we love these blue floral door knobs available at Poetry stores. You can add an elegant floral touch to anything from a chest of drawers to your kitchen cabinets. These door knobs are available in store and online, from R30 each.

Image by Poetry

Make a statement

If you’ve got the space and you want to make a budding impression, take the leap and decorate with confidence. Cover a focal wall in bright wallpaper that’s instantly eye-catching. Or, hang a floral rug or tapestry from the wall – very antique chic. You could also invest in a large floral artwork that will instantly become the centre piece of the room. If you decide to make a statement with bold decor, keep the rest of the room simple. Go for clean lines and muted shades. If you want to carry the floral theme through, do it with something simple like a scatter cushion – one from Lou Harvey’s colab range would be perfect. We love the vibrant look of this living room, styled by Mr Price Home.

Image by @mrp_home on Instagram

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Subtle shades

Just because something is floral doesn’t mean it needs to be drenched in shades of pink, red and citrus. If you prefer a calmer atmosphere and more subtle colours, you can keep to your usual colour palette and still get that fun floral pick-me-up. Look around for floral prints in more muted hues like cream, dusty pink and pale blue. This lovely linen from Linen House is perfect for a more tranquil space and creates an air of relaxation. You may have to spend more time looking for the perfect combination of floral and restful, but the result will be worth it.

Image by @linen_house on Instagram

Here’s to having a floral affair this summer!

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