Transform your small space with this one interior design tip

Transform Your Small Space With This One Interior Design Tip

If you’re trying to make the most of a small space in your home, you might think about adding a clever piece of furniture, changing up the accessories or getting creative with wall art. While these are all worthwhile ways to transform a small space, the easiest and possibly most affordable solution is much simpler. Bring life to a small corner, or liven up a stuffy kitchen with… Indoor plants.

This one interior design tip will help you transform any room in your home – from the bathroom to your home office. It’s quick and easy and really doesn’t take that much TLC. Simply by adding a bright house plant to your small space, you’ll create a happy environment and even soften the edges of your modern home. With so many plant varieties available, this is a fool proof way to refresh any room in your home. A burst of colour and nature goes a long way.

How indoor plants can help transform your small space

In the living room

This is probably the room in your home where you spend the most time, so it’s worth it to make the space feel welcoming. Indoor plants create a feeling of comfort and calm. They’ve even been said to have several health benefits like reducing stress, improving concentration and boosting your mood. In winter, they’ll help you ward off sore throats and dry coughs by ridding the air of harmful pollutants. In the living room, don’t be afraid to mix it up with various heights and sizes of indoor plants. Then, follow the theme through with botanical cushions or tropical-style throws. We love the look of this indoor jungle living room…

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In the kitchen

Indoor plants make a statement in any room – even in the busy, heart of the home. The kitchen. Here, you can brighten up a stuffy space with everything from potted plants and herbs to hanging planters. And there’s no need to keep everything perfectly preened, so let some plants roam free if they want to. If you’re low on surface space, add a few floating shelves and display things like mugs, bowls and coffee pots – alongside your greenery, of course. These geometric floating shelves will put a modern spin on any kitchen, and we love the overflowing, herbaceous potted plant. This is stylish and space-efficient.

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In a small corner

Indoor plants come in so many shapes and sizes, so you don’t need to miss out on leafy greens no matter how small the space you’re working with. The other things is that cool decor shops and interior design stores are selling myriad elegant planters for you to display the greenery of your choice. These chic metallic hanging planters are a glamorous, space-friendly addition to this small office corner. And, rather than filling them with sprawling ivy or fern, this clever home-owner has chosen hardy succulents that keep their shape. Succulents are the most low maintenance house plants and we love their rustic, desert look.

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In the bathroom

The trick with indoor plants in the bathroom is to choose ones that like a warmer, more humid climate. Then, you can add them wherever you have a spare space. And a bonus is that they’ll require very little attention. Most can live off the precipitation that collects when you bath or shower. While this small bathroom may seem a bit overcrowded, it’s useful to give you some ideas about how to incorporate indoor plants into the space. We love the hanging basket plants in the corner and the trendy standing planter that’ll go well in a contemporary bathroom. These plants help create a calm spa oasis in your very own home.

Image by @MyLifeHandmadeMLH on Pinterest

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In your home office

Because house plants have so many health benefits, including helping to improve concentration and productivity, it makes perfect sense to dot them through your home office. A study by the University of Exeter found that by enriching a stark office with greenery you can increase productivity by 15%. Liven up an otherwise dull home office with snake plants, ferns and lily variations. They’ll give you so much satisfaction and, when you take a break, there’ll be a living thing to turn your attention to. This elegant Scandi-style home office is the epitome of classic cool. We love the light wood screen and shelving unit that stylishly offsets the lush green plants. Here, you could keep things simple with plain greenery or spice it up with pops of colour. Keep the basics simple and there’s no limit to how you can decorate your home office with indoor plants.

Image by @coricraft_sa on Instagram

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