7 budget-friendly ways to luxe up your bathroom

7 Budget-Friendly Ways To Luxe Up Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are often some of the smallest rooms in the house, so people tend to pay them little attention. But, they’re one of the easiest rooms to spruce up – because you’re only dealing with a limited space. And, isn’t it worth adding a touch of luxe to your home if you can? Especially if it’s easy on the bank balance? These simple, budget-friendly tips will help you transform your bathroom. So that you’ll want to run a relaxing bath and unwind in your home’s luxurious sanctuary. Check out our top 7 tips below…

How to add a touch of luxe to your bathroom

Bathroom art

You wouldn’t necessarily think to bring an artwork to your bathroom. But it’s one of the easiest ways to add a bit of glamour to this space. You don’t have to invest in extravagant pieces, either. A simple print or photograph will do the trick. Places like Mr Price Home and @home have loads of options to choose from. You could also go through your home and do a painting reshuffle to find something that will work in the bathroom. If you spread your paintings out, you might not have to buy anything new at all. We love how the artworks in this bathroom complement each other to form an eye-catching visual installation.

bathroom art

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This is a cheap and cheerful way to add a touch of luxe to your bathroom. Rather than spending money on expensive tiles to give your bathroom a lift, stick to using exotic wallpaper in clever ways. Don’t wallpaper the whole room – there’s no space for that! Rather choose a focal area, and cover it in the beautiful, luxurious wallpaper of your choice. People are doing clever things with wallpaper these days, so you’ll probably be able to find it in loads of variations – from marble-inspired designs to uniquely textured looks. We love the exotic, botanical feel of this luxe bathroom wallpaper. It’s used on a central wall behind the basin, for maximum visual effect. And minimum expense.

bathroom wallpaper

Indoor plants

Greenery is a huge design trend at the moment. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t incorporate nature’s goodness in every room of the house – including the bathroom. If you want to create a jungle-style sanctuary, go for several small plants, both potted and hanging. If you’re on a budget and want to make a statement with one standout bathroom plant, choose something like a snake plant or majesty palm. And, if you want to plant it yourself – which will end up being cheaper – pop to the nursery to look for a budget-friendly pot for your beautiful addition. Bring a bit of the outdoors in.

bathroom plants

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Paint a wall

Also an affordable way to give your bathroom a luxe facelift. If you’re tired of the same old space, simply splashing a bit of paint on the walls can make a huge difference. And it won’t cost the earth. You could go for something bold, like buttercup or teal. And, the darker shades add a dramatic, luxurious feel if used cleverly. Pick a specific area, like the wall behind the basin, rather than painting the whole room. In this peaceful bathroom, the designer chose to only paint a small corner in a soothing pale green shade. The result is affordable, soothing, and super luxe.

Metallic accents

If you don’t want to change too much in your bathroom, but still want to add a summer luxe feel, stick to something easy like updating your accessories. You could change the handles on your cupboards, update the towel rails, or choose stylish metallic soap dishes and hand wash containers. Metallic shades like gold, copper and bronze are very popular this season, so the shops are full of bold accessories. We love the gold taps and cupboard handles in this bathroom. And the copper planter adds a stylish finishing touch.

metallic bathroom accents

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Scent from heaven

Another easy way to add something extra to your bathroom is by bringing in sensual fragrances. You could create a calming scented candle corner, perfect for those luxurious evening baths. Or, you could burn incense when guests are over. We love the idea of getting a pleasantly-scented diffuser for your bathroom. They look pretty and are available in myriad fragrances from musky vanilla to crisp aloe. Everyone wants their bathroom to smell nice. We love these proudly local goods available at @home. They’re perfect for creating that luxe, 5-star experience at home.

Clever containers

Ever noticed how the soap bottle always empties so much faster than the hand cream bottle? Then, you have a less-than-luxe situation with one hand wash from one brand, and the old hand lotion from another. It just doesn’t present all that well. To solve this problem, invest in two beautiful matching containers so you can decant the various liquids into each. And no one need know that they’re not exactly complementary. It might cost a bit initially, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. These granite-looking containers from Mr Price Home are affordable and elegant. A luxe addition to any bathroom.

We hope these simple tips have helped. With the right accessories and affordable additions, any bathroom can be transformed into a luxurious space.



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