10 Money-savvy Christmas decor ideas

10 Money-Savvy Christmas Decor Ideas

Over the festive season, it’s easy for expenses to start piling up. We want to spoil family and friends with wonderful gifts, cook special meals to celebrate the season and decorate our homes with loads of festive cheer. But, after the year we’ve all had, your elaborate Christmas festivities might have to downscale. These money-savvy Christmas decor ideas will help you cut back on excessive spending without missing out on that magical festive feeling. We’ve covered everything from tree decorations and table settings to lighting and Christmas scents. Even on a budget, you can have a very merry Christmas…

10 money-savvy Christmas decor ideas

1). Shine your light

Lighting is so important if you want to create a welcoming Christmas cheer. And, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Tea lights and candles can be bought on the cheap and in bulk. And they add glamour almost anywhere. Twist fairy lights and place them in glass jars for instant glitz and warmth.

2). Edible decorations

If you’re keeping your Christmas money-savvy, it’s great if you can come up with a few multi-purpose solutions. We love the idea of filling glass jars or vases with pretty Christmas sweets like candy canes or cookies. And, when guests leave, your sugary decorations turn into treats for the kids.

3). Create your own cards or gift tags

Channel your inner craft master and, instead of buying expensive cards, spend an afternoon making your own. You can get creative with textured paper and glitter, or go the digital template route. These days, there are loads of creative platforms that offer easy design solutions for cards or gift tags. If you need a bit of help, check out Canva for inspiration. Then, print as many copies as you need.

4). Embrace nature’s bounty

Stay with the money-savvy Christmas trend this year and make the most of what nature provides. Instead of buying pricey cut flowers for your table, scour your garden to see what blooms and greenery you could use. Homegrown flowers often have a stronger fragrance than those you get at the shops. And, things like sprigs of herbs, eucalyptus leaves or pine cones can be used in myriad ways. Keep them to decorate gift parcels, table settings or empty vases.

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5). Get creative with wrapping paper

There’s really no need to still be spending money on fancy wrapping paper that you know will end up in the bin. Your budget will appreciate you getting creative by decorating plain brown paper with greenery or string. And, you’ll likely be able to recycle this paper for next year if your present-openers aren’t too boisterous. You could also ditch paper wrapping paper altogether and go for left-over fabric alternatives. Super easy to use and environmentally-friendly, too.

6). DIY tree decorations

There are loads of options in this category, and a simple Pinterest search should spark some ideas. We like the idea of getting the family together to makeshift a few paper snowflakes using only white paper and scissors. Then decorate these with glitter in the shade of your festive colour scheme. If your family isn’t that crafty, why not collect a few pine cones and paint the edges in Christmas colours? Then hang them with pretty ribbon or string.

7). Buy in bulk

If you know you’re going to need a ton of fairy lights, tinsel or baubles, save money by buying in bulk. The bulk packs are just as pretty and, if something breaks, you’ll have a replacement at the ready. If you don’t need that many baubles, but still want to cut costs, team up with friends or family members to divide bulk items between you.

8). Festive fragrances

Walking into a fragrant home creates a welcoming atmosphere for you and your visitors. Place a spice-infused candle close to the entrance, or dot a few around common areas like the living room and dining room. If you can, go for fragrances like vanilla, cinnamon, sweet orange and clove to really make the most of the festive fragrances. These candles are fairly readily-available, so shop around until you find ones that suit your budget.

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9). Work with what you have

Before you set about buying fancy new cushions, table cloths and tree decorations, take a good long look at what you have. Can you update things with a quick coat of paint or a few stitches? And, rather than sticking to traditional Christmas shades for your table, look at your existing table cloths, serviettes and centre pieces and create a theme around that. Who said Christmas couldn’t be yellow and white? Or a floral affair? Start new traditions with what you already have.

10). Stairway to heaven

Make a statement with your stairs by decorating them with pretty fairy lights or candles. Twist lights around the stairway banner, or leave covered candles on the side of each step to create a romantic, heavenly feel. If you have enough, wrap lights around each individual spoke like in the image below. There’s no reason not to make the most of existing furniture and accents.

Have fun decorating your home, and celebrating the most wonderful time of the year!

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