Staycation home ideas: how to turn your home into a holiday retreat

Staycation Home Ideas: How To Turn Your Home Into A Holiday Retreat

The staycation holiday trend is fast becoming one of the most popular trends in tourism. And, this year, it’s especially easy to see why. We understand, everyone wants to get away and appreciate a well-deserved summer holiday. But, that might be trickier to achieve than you think. If you’re staying at home over the holidays, don’t be disheartened just yet. We’ve got 6 great decor styling ideas to turn your home into a relaxing holiday retreat. With these easy tweaks, your familiar abode could start to feel like a whole new space. With all the added perks of being your favourite comfort zone. Check out our list below for 6 tips and tricks that’ll help you make the most of your festive season staycation

6 best staycation home ideas

1). Clear the clutter

You know that calm feeling when you walk into a pristine hotel room or holiday home, and you can see everything is in its proper place? Well, there’s no reason stepping into your front door can’t have the same effect. Having a tidy, organised space creates a feeling of tranquillity. And the effect is quite the opposite if your home is cluttered and chaotic. In these few weeks before the holidays, spend some time tidying up and discarding what you really don’t need. Try to keep surfaces clear and floors free from towels, cushions or yesterday’s shoes. And uncluttered doesn’t necessarily mean empty – just that whatever is there is meant to be there. This Coricraft living room isn’t boring, but it isn’t messy either. The fresh flowers, coffee table books and scatter cushions are neatly-placed and there to be enjoyed.

Image by @coricraft_sa on Instagram

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2). Create quiet

At this time of year, we’re constantly on the go – seeing family and friends, going to the shops, playing with the kids. So, moments of peace and quiet can be hard to come by. One of the luxuries of a hotel room is that it’s noise-free. So turn off the TV, put your phone on silent and appreciate the quiet. On your staycation, don’t feel bad about spending some time alone – if you have the perfect spot to escape to. If you can, try to create a special nook in your home where you can go to unwind and soak up some silence. This cute reading nook looks like the perfect spot to curl up with a book and while away a quiet afternoon. Fill your personalised cosy corner with all the things that make you feel calm: a favourite throw, some incense, fresh flowers. This is your quiet sanctuary.

Image by

3). Light it up

Bright, airy spaces immediately make you feel more peaceful. So, with South Africa’s warm weather, make the most of the sunshine by opening the curtains, drawing the blinds and letting in as much natural light as possible. And, once the sun has set, you can maintain your serene atmosphere with more lighting. American interior designer Angela Belt suggests layering lighting to create a multi-faceted sense of calm. “Try floor and table lamps with neutral colour shades like white or beige to evoke a sense of calmness,” she says. You could accent a space with tea lights or even light a few candles for a romantic feel. We love this subtle, dreamy living room by Superbalist that’s been styled to celebrate the light.

Image by @superbalist on Instagram

How to turn your home into a sanctuary

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4). Play with accessories

While we’ve been focusing on natural, neutral elements, your dream staycation home is all about what makes you happy. You don’t have to stick to the earthy, natural shades. If an exotic, tropical staycation is what you’re after, take the opportunity to have fun with bold and unusual accessories. Experiment with soft textures like velvet and satin and choose eye-catching prints for accents like scatter cushions or carpets. With a minimal budget – less than a holiday, for sure – you can create your very own Spanish-style villa. We love the look of this exotic living room where rich shades, luxe textures and tropical prints make the space feel vibrant and vacation-ready.

Image by @superbalist on Instagram

5). Scent the scene

A relaxing hotel room or holiday home feels special because it appeals to all the senses – sight, sound, touch, feel and taste. Who can resist those mini chocolates on your pillow? While that may be taking your staycation a step further than you’d like, there’s nothing stopping you from going the extra mile to create a summer-scented home from home. These days, you have loads of options. From picking a few fresh flowers from your garden, to decorating with incense, candles, room diffusers, fragrance sachets and room sprays. Pick a scent you love and add it to your entrance hall so that the first thing you notice when you come home is that welcoming fragrance. It’ll give you an instant mood boost.

Image by on Pinterest

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6). Stock the bar

The last step to transforming your home into a relaxing staycation retreat. The holidays are here, the sun in shining, so why not treat yourself to a tropical cocktail when the feeling takes you? And what says summer vacation better than a pink drink, poolside? This staycation period, stock up on your favourite tipple and get creative with interesting additions like sliced strawberries, flavoured tonic and twigs of rosemary. Take the time to make something super special so that when you take that first sip you’re transported to a chic city bar or sandy beach cafe. If you’re feeling fancy, invest in an elegant trolley bar like this one from @home. Isn’t it perfectly stylish for a staycation?

Image by @homewarestore on Instagram

How many dream vacations involve reading books, taking naps, catching up with loved ones and soaking up the sun on a towel or lounger by the pool? Well, there’s nothing stopping you from doing at least three of those things from the comfort of your very own home. Just because it’s your house doesn’t been it can’t become a staycation haven these holidays. It’s really just a mindset that changes. We hope these 6 easy tricks help make your staycation even more special.

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