Mediterranean Chic - 6 Ways To Get The Look In Your Home

Mediterranean Chic – 6 Ways To Get The Look In Your Home

Want to turn your home into a delightful summer villa? The Mediterranean design trend continues to be popular all over the world. And one of the reasons is because it reminds us of warm summer days in beautiful places. The minimalist Mediterranean design trend draws influence from northern Africa and southern Europe, embracing aqua blue hues, natural textiles and sumptuous fabrics. It also suits our hot South African climate, with natural fibres and calming simplicity, and is easy enough to achieve in your own home. We’ve got 6 great ideas to help you turn your home into a chic and radiant year-round holiday spot…

6 ways to incorporate Mediterranean decor in your home

1). Shades of blue

You can’t mention the Mediterranean without immediately picturing that deep blue sea. While the trend makes room for all manner of colours, from teal to earthy orange, it’s the aquatic blues that really transport us to those tranquil Greek island vistas. To make the most of the many shades of blue, combine different fabric designs and prints with rich colours. It’ll give you a layered and luxurious look. And, if you want to take the indigo motif to the next level, play with printed wallpaper or patterned rugs. Just keep it curated and cool.

Image by @blackfabricssa on Instagram

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2). Charming prints

There are no rules when it comes to Mediterranean-inspired prints. So mix things up and have a little fun. Find patterns you like in colours from deep blue to cool turquoise, and add some flair with natural greenery. You can also offset the blue tones with orange or lemon yellow to relieve the eye and bring a bit of warmth to the decor. We love how the prints in this stylish living room by Block & Chisel include everything from checked and floral designs to simple pinstripes. The overall look is elegantly Med.

Image by @blockandchisel on Instagram

3). A touch of Italy

Ah, the effortless romance of an inviting Italian villa – somewhere in the south where olives grow and you can hear the ocean roaring. A simple way to bring a hint of Italy into your space is with cleverly-curated accessories. Go for Italian-inspired throws or rugs. If you have the budget, an artwork depicting romantic Tuscan scenery could do the trick. We love how this room gains that chic Italian feel simply by adding a scatter cushion in a ‘still life’ print. Keep the rest of the room simple and your eye will naturally be drawn to this statement piece.

Image by @shf_home on Instagram

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4). Simplicity, naturally

One of our favourite aspects of the minimalist Mediterranean decor trend. Natural simplicity is becoming super popular in South Africa as we deal with hotter summers – and leaner wallets. This design style is all about making the most of your space with minimal furniture and effort. Think neutral shades of cream, beige and white, as well as organic textures like cotton and hemp. You can also incorporate the natural feel with furniture made from materials like wood, rattan and wicker. We love the cool, calm – slightly boho – look of this bedroom styled by SHF Home. Crisp and island-chic.

Image by @shf_home on Instagram

5). Sun-kissed glow

Ever noticed that the light in places like Spain and Sicily seems to be different? More honey-coloured and pale. You can get that sun-kissed warmth in your home simply by playing with light, and adding a few final touches. Rather than bright downlights, go for romantic pendants or chandeliers. Dimmers are also a great idea. And, accessories like candles and tea lights always help to create a balmy atmosphere. Then, bring out some colour with warm butter yellow fabrics or furniture. This Mediterranean lunch table is oh-so inviting, complete with sun-kissed grapes and golden accessories.

Image by @loadsofliving on Instagram

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6). Country chic

The Italian-Mediterranean style often includes rustic wooden elements that hark back to simpler times – wooden dining sets, cabinets and sideboards, for example. Look out for neutral colours and distressed stone textures, as well as metal basins and wooden or concrete floors. It all works together to create that old-world charm. Add a few lush houseplants and printed ceramics and you’re all set. This Mediterranean-inspired kitchen says it all.

Image by @blockandchisel on Instagram

If you need help transforming your home into a Mediterranean paradise, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is brimming with ideas and can assist with everything from revamp tips to custom cabinets.

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