Top 7 Advantages Of Built-In Cupboards: From Custom to Clutter-Free

Top 7 Advantages Of Built-In Cupboards: From Custom To Clutter-Free

Looking to give your kitchen or bedroom a bit of a facelift? Or any other room in the house for that matter? More and more, people are choosing to go with built-in cupboards rather than traditional stock cabinetry and there are so many reason for this. Whether you need to create more storage space, make a room more organised, or simply improve the general aesthetics of a space, built-in cupboards offer functionality with a sleek appearance. We’ve come up with 7 top advantages to making the built-in cupboard investment. Once they’re installed, you’ll never go back.

7 reasons you should get built-in cupboards for your home

1). They save on space

At the moment, as people declutter and downscale, space is at a premium. One of the major advantages of installing built-in cupboards is that they allow you to efficiently make use of the space available to you. And, especially in the kitchen, there may be some unusual requirements. With built-in cupboards, you can negotiate those corner units, or design a unique wine rack. You could have fun creating streamlined extractor units or hidden drawers for the bins. And, if you’ve already built a kitchen island, maximise storage space by installing built-in cupboards below the island. There are so many design options and they all end up with you making the most of the space you have.

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2). There are many designs to choose from

If you’re looking to update a room in your home, sometimes a full renovation isn’t necessary. Built-in cupboards could provide than instant lift and be enough of a change to make the room feel refreshed. There are so many options when it comes to cupboards’ décor and design, from the material and finishing to door handles. And you’re bound to find a colour scheme that matches the overall feel of your home. Whether you’re going for a modern, minimalist look or want to cosy up in a welcoming country-style space, your built-in cupboards could be the thing that ties it all together.

3). They’re easy to clean

Because built-in cupboards fit neatly into the wall, there’s no need to be lifting heavy furniture or moving things around in order to keep an area clean. And, if the cupboards include space-savers like woven baskets or racks, it’s easy enough to remove those and clean the inside of the cupboard as well. That old TV cabinet that collects dust every day? That inherited armoire that’s become the ‘stuff collector’? Maybe it’s time to ditch these space hoggers and go for something simple and streamlined that can be cleaned in 5 minutes.

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4). You can customise the look

Rather than searching for the ideal cupboards to match your home – which you may never find – opt for built-in cupboards where you can specify exactly what you need. With custom built-in cabinets, you have total control over the dimensions, materials and finishes. So you can work around odd shapes or sizes. And, even in an irregular space, the custom cupboards themselves will provide unity and cohesion in terms of design. The whole point here is to create cupboards and cabinets to your particular specifications so that the final look is just right for you and your home.

5). You’ll save on renovation costs

While built-in cupboards may come at a higher price than traditional stock cabinets, they’ll definitely help you save in the long run. Because you’re able to make exact specifications, there’s no need to be replacing units or coming up with new storage solutions down the line. Fit them once and you won’t have to do it again. And, rather than doing a complete overhaul to make your home feel more modern, save costs by updating the cupboards alone. Often, this revamp is enough to make a space feel more contemporary and sophisticated. And it doesn’t come with the full renovation price tag.

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6). They’re all about minimalism

If you’re into the streamlined, modern aesthetic, built-in cupboards are definitely the way to go. They suit almost any home décor, but especially ones with a contemporary minimalist design. In their nature, built-in cupboards are sleek and clean, and take up very little visual space – giving you room to play with other décor accessories. Designers are also getting very clever at creating handle-free cupboards or ones with a push-to-open function, making them even more easy on the eye. And we know, minimalism is a trend that’s here to stay…

7). They keep a space clutter-free

One of the best things about built-in cupboards is that they help hide the clutter. We all know that certain rooms in the house – like the kitchen and living room – tend to gather a lot of ‘stuff’. And, if the cupboards themselves are a little untidy, this can make a space look downright chaotic. With built-in cupboards, you get a neat and space-efficient storage solution where you can pack away anything that needs to be hidden. One important thing to remember, though – the cupboards are there to be used, so keep the counters clear and put things where they should be. Clean and fuss-free.

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