6 Luxe Bedroom Makeover ideas: even if you're on a budget

6 Luxe Bedroom Makeover Ideas: Even If You’re On A Budget

We’re a few days into 2021 and already we’ve spent more time at home than we’d like. If you’re growing tired of being stuck in the same four walls, it’s time to get creative and start tackling some budget-friendly home makeovers. And, what better room to start with than the bedroom? The place where you lay your head at the end of a long day and, let’s be honest, where we’re catching up on movies and TV series right now. With the dream of stepping into a pristine hotel bedroom getting further and further away, why not create that serene hotel room feeling at home? With these 5 easy steps, you can achieve a stylish bedroom makeover, even if you’re on a budget. Get ready to relax in a peaceful and calming space every night…

How to makeover your bedroom on a budget

1). Set the scene with scents

To create a really luxurious feeling in your bedroom, it’s important to consider all the senses. This is something hotels get right, with bedrooms brimming with clean and welcoming scents. Fortunately for us, this is an easy enough element to recreate in your very own home – and without breaking the budget. Pick a fragrance for your bedroom – lavender has long been popular for its calming qualities – and find candles or diffusers in that scent. The choice is up to you in terms of fragrance, and you can layer it throughout the room with candles, diffusers and incense.

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2). Build up your bed

It may seem a bit over-the-top, but a beautifully made up bed is just that much more attractive and appealing. Make the bed the focal point of the room and invest (a little) in creating that special boutique feel. Depending on the season, you may want to swap out scatter cushions and pillows with luxurious throws, but having something a bit extra on the bed helps turn it from something functional into something fabulous. And, if you’re really going to go all out with one investment, make it a statement headboard with plush fabric or unique buttons. In winter, treat yourself to a delectable down duvet. Mr Price Home has reasonable offers on all of the above bedding needs…

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3). Make linen the focus

There’s nothing better than sinking into feather-soft linen on a plush hotel bed. What’s their secret? Before you make any serious renovations or knock down walls in your bedroom makeover, make the simple decision to upscale your linen. If you can, go for the luxury of pure cotton or bamboo, or check the thread count to make sure you’re getting value for your money. This bedroom makeover tip might mean buying new bedding, but it’ll be well worth it – and, fortunately, there are still loads of sales on at the moment so you should be able to get a good deal.

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4). Add luxurious accessories

A quick, easy and budget-friendly way to transform your bedroom is to update basic accessories. These small items are inexpensive and will give your bedroom the sumptuous lift you’re looking for. Toss a satin throw pillow into the bed, add exotic-looking tassels or fringes to the drawer knobs or curtain tie-backs, or create a focal wall with a bit of beautiful wallpaper. Mirrors also help to add an elegant touch, so pop one or two on your night stand or invest in a bigger piece for the wall or dressing table. Another reasonably-priced addition that’s bound to bring you joy? Lush indoor plants.

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5). Choose calming colours

If you want to turn your bedroom into your very own home sanctuary, stick to calming colours that help induce that wind-down tranquillity. White is popular and brings a bright, airy feel to the bedroom – and it’s thought to provide a sense of cleanliness. Shades of pale green, blue and grey also provide a calming colour palette, while creating a slightly outdoor atmosphere. Keep clear of bold shades like red and orange that, while striking, can distract from a more peaceful environment. And, even if you keep the colours quiet, you can have fun with natural accessories like a wooden headboard or metallic night stand. Pale doesn’t mean personality-free.

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6). Bring in romance

You can’t ignore that the bedroom should be the most romantic room in the house. If yours is lacking a bit of glamour, there are simple tricks to creating that come-hither effect. You could keep things simple with an inviting soft throw, or add a faux-fur rug for that wood-cabin romance. Tea lights and fairy lights are also a sure-fire way to up the allure. One thing we love as a special romantic feature? A billowing canopy or mosquito net draped gracefully over a simply-made bed. It’s functional – especially in SA’s summers – and will make you feel like a princess in your own bed. Simply dreamy…

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Good luck with your easy and affordable bedroom makeover! Feel free to Contact Us if you need any help.

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  4. […] ALSO SEE: 6 Luxe Bedroom Makeover Ideas: Even If You’re On A Budget […]

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