10 stylish dressing table ideas for 2021

7 Stylish Dressing Table Ideas For 2021

Every woman deserves a dressing table. Not only does it provide useful storage space in your bedroom – for the many knick knacks we seem to accumulate – but it gives us a special, personal space where we can spend some time on ourselves each day. Simply by sitting down to do your makeup, rather than standing at a mirror and swiping on some lipstick before heading out the door, you’ll start the day in a better frame of mind.

A well-designed dressing table can add a luxurious aesthetic to your bedroom, while providing a crucial function. If this sound like something you need in your life, we’ve got 7 stylish dressing table ideas for 2021 that’ll help you keep up with the latest trends. And many of them will suit any bedroom, no matter the size, because every woman deserves a dressing table…

Top 7 dressing table ideas for 2021

1). The natural look

The art of ‘getting back to nature’ is a major design trend in 2021. And we’re seeing it in everything from dining room furniture and kitchen cabinets to – yes – vanity tables in the bedroom. Go for natural materials like wood, rattan and wicker. And remember to accessorize with small house plants to bring a bit of the outdoors in. We love this rattan two-drawer unit from Sixth Floor that doubles as a vanity table and writing desk. It’ll be perfect in a more boho/Mediterranean space with white linen and modern decor accessories. Add a round standing mirror, possibly with a tray base, to complete the look.

Sixth Floor - Rattan 2 drawer desk - natural

From R3 999 at Superbalist

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2). Sleek and Scandi

At Insite Interiors, we’re huge fans of the modern Scandinavian design trend, so we’re thrilled to see it filtering into the smallest of decor accessories, like the vanity table. It’s all about sleek lines, minimalism and functionality. We love this modern and streamlined natural-look dressing table by KNUS, complete with detachable dedicated mirror and industrial-style steel legs to offset the wooden counter. The flatpack vanity desk is a great little compact space to apply your make-up every morning and will suit even the smallest space.

From R2 799 at KNUS

3). Mirrored

For those of us who believe that getting ready should be a glamorous affair. Celebrate old-school luxury with a mirrored vanity table that adds an instant brightness to your bedroom. We love this extra glamorous mirrored dresser from @home. They even upped the game with the trendy copper shade. This is the ultimate in feminine luxury so keep accessories simple and go for a subtle dresser chair. Also, a lush indoor plant will offset the mirrored glass with a bit of natural beauty. Ideal for a champagne-tastes home.

mirage mirror dressing table copper

From R5 299 at @home

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4). Custom

If your bedroom is a slightly odd shape, or you can’t find exactly what you want in the shops, a custom dressing table might be the solution. It might cost more than a store-bought piece of furniture, but you can stipulate precisely how you want it designed and what it needs to include. So it’ll be worth the investment.

We designed this custom unit for a chic home in Bryanston, where the client needed shelf and drawer space but wanted something a little different. The boxy open shelves are perfect for displaying special items, while cosmetics and hair brushes can be hidden away in the shelves. This room had wonderful natural light, but we amplified it with the large rectangular mirror. If you like this look, or want your own custom vanity table, contact us to find out about our designs.

Custom unit by Insite Interiors

5). Pretty prints

Prints are an easy way to bring colour and intrigue into a room. And, rather than going mad with wallpaper or printed curtains, try something subtle like a stylish vanity table in a feminine print. It’ll add texture and colour without becoming overboard. We love this oak Rose Desk Dresser with steel legs from Sugar Apple. The two drawers provide enough storage space and, with a round mirror mounted on the wall, you’ll have a perfect spot to get ready or do a spot of work. Keep additional furniture and accessories simple so that the print really stands out.

From R4 700 at Sugar Apple

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6). Built-in beauty

Similar to custom vanity units, if you go for a built-in dressing table, you’re guaranteed a piece of furniture that’s perfect for your individual space. And designed to suit your individual taste. If done properly, it’ll be space-efficient, stylish and built so that you can use it comfortably for many years to come. Include the exact number of drawers and cabinets you need, and you can cleverly hide away those messy-looking hair dryer cords. For a streamlined look, make sure the vanity cabinets match the other wardrobe cupboards in the room. While built-in dressers are traditionally made for bigger bedrooms, they can help make the most of space in a smaller room as well. And you can specify everything from drawer length and height to the colour of the cabinets and their hardware.

As experts in built-in cupboards and cabinetry, we’d love to help you create the dressing table of your dreams. If you need ideas, contact us to find out more.

Image by @crisparchitects on Pinterest

7). Corner vanity table

This design proves you can squeeze in a functional and stylish vanity unit in almost any bedroom, no matter the size.

If you can find the right corner-shaped shelf or table, this is easy enough to install yourself. But, if you want to make sure it’s the right design and look for your room, ask an interior design expert to help. Then, you’re guaranteed correct proportions and sturdy furniture. A mirrored aesthetic will help create the illusion of space and is visually unobtrusive. Because you won’t have much shelf space, keep things tidy on top. And buy a few drawer organisers or inserts for inside.

Image by @housebeautiful on Pinterest

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Remember to make sure your vanity table has excellent lighting, so you can see what you’re doing when you’re styling your hair, applying make-up or trying a new self-care treatment. Add a tall table lamp or trendy exposed bulbs around the mirror, or place your table where it’s likely to receive the most natural light. You can also decorate it with pretty trays or jewellery boxes so all your trinkets have a proper place. And feel free to personalise the table with sentimental ornaments or special family photographs. The point is that this space feels entirely your own.

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