8 Easy Ways To Take Your Home From Summer To Autumn

The leaves are starting to turn, there’s a dip in the morning temperature and we’re getting out our warmer wardrobe. All signs that autumn is on the way. And, after the hot summer we’ve had, we’re welcoming the seasonal coolness. If you’re getting ready for the new season, and want to make sure you home is ready too, we have some easy and helpful tips on how to make the transition. The best thing? None of them are likely to incur much cost and your home will be suitably transformed into an autumn haven. Here are 8 easy ways to take your home from summer to autumn so you can make the most of the changing seasons…

How to transition your home from summer to autumn

1). Do a seasonal declutter

The first step to getting your home ready for a seasonal interior decor change is to get rid of the summer ‘clutter’ you no longer need. Pack away typically summer items like swimming towels and fans to make room for the things you’re going to need in cooler weather. And, while you’re at it, why not do a quick – and more general – declutter? Anything you haven’t used in the last few months can either be donated or binned. Start the new season on a clean slate.

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2). Switch out your linen

In this hot summer, we probably all opted for the lightest bed linen we could find – sleeping under sheets or a light bed cover. Now, it’s time to cosy up with some wonderfully warm bedding. One of the best things about winter is curling up under a heavy duvet at the end of a long day. So pack away all the light cotton and bamboo linen, and whip out those fleece sheets and luxurious down duvets. In this country, we only get to use our winter togs for a few months of the year, so we might as well make the most of it.

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3). Dim the lighting

While summer is all about bright sunshine and natural light, autumn has a much more subdued hue. We want to look at the world through the Valencia filter… In your home, you can create warmer, cosier lighting with candles and tea lights dotted throughout the house. Candles serve multiple purposes, because they smell really good – and help you navigate rooms when Eskom switches the lights off. Feel free to go for electric candles if you’re worried about safety, but still want that romantic autumn glow.

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4). Display seasonal items

An easy way to make your home more seasonally chic is to incorporate some of the typically autumn goodies. And a trip to the grocery store should sort you out here. Dot bowls of seasonal fruit like oranges, lemons and grapefruit around the house. And, instead of spending money on pricey flower bouquets, bundle up branches, dried leaves and sticks into vases or ceramic jars. It’s naturally elegant and a great way to bring the outdoors in. Autumn decor shouldn’t cost too much.

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5). Create autumn scents

In terms of scent, summer is fresh, crisp and cool. To create a truly autumn scent in your home, go for richer fragrances that are bound to warm the heart. Start with something subtle and then, as the weather gets cooler, ramp up the fragrance factor with scents like vanilla, spiced cinnamon, apple and sandalwood. There are so many options when it comes to adding fragrances to your home, from room diffusers and incense to sprays and candles. We love them all.

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6). Layer warm textiles

Just like switching summer bed linen for warmer winter alternatives, you’ll want to do the same in other rooms of your home. In the living room, bring out cosy fleece blankets and drape plush throws over the back of the couch. Swap out cotton cushion covers for shaggy or faux fur alternatives. And, when you set the table in the dining room, replace simple place mats with heavy table cloths in traditional prints. The season is all about comforting textures and inviting fabrics.

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8). Don’t forget the patio

Even though the weather is starting to turn, we still need a bit of fresh air. And South Africans will always love being outdoors. Get your patio, veranda or outdoor entertainment area ready for autumn with a few thoughtful touches. Make sure there are blankets in the cupboards and that there’s fire wood in case there’s a serious chill in the air. You could also invest in an outdoor heater if you know you spend a lot of time outside. Make the space feel dreamy with a few tea lights wound around pillars or beams for an extra cosy autumn feel.

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