What Is A 'Cloffice'? 7 Ideas On How To Create This Nifty WFH Space

What Is A ‘Cloffice’? 7 Ideas On How To Create This Nifty WFH Space

For a while now, we’ve been getting used to the new way of working – from home, that is. And, while many of us thought it would be a temporary situation, we’re coming to realise that the concept of working from home could be here to stay. And the makeshift dining-table-cum-office-desk is less than ideal. So, rather than setting up a desk on the nearest available surface to the Wi-Fi router, we’ve got some ideas on how you can create a permanent and convenient office space in even the smallest of homes.

The idea of a ‘cloffice’ took off last year, with Pinterest Trends 2021 reporting that searches for the term had doubled in the last year. A ‘cloffice’ is essentially a closet office, referring to a wardrobe, nook, or similar small space at home that has been turned into an office. And the concept can be applied whether you live in a small city apartment or open-plan home – and all you really want is a quiet space to get some work done. Here are a few ideas on how to create a nifty ‘cloffice’ space at home…

How to create a ‘cloffice’ at home

1). Find a nook

The first step is deciding where your ‘cloffice’ will be best placed. If you don’t have a spacious walk-in cupboard, or even a spare closet that’s going unused, look for any out-of-the way nook or alcove where you can create a small working area. Hopefully somewhere you won’t be interrupted by other family members or the TV. Is there a quiet corner in the spare bedroom? Or a space on the landing that doesn’t get much foot traffic? With the right design and decor, almost any space can be transformed into a convenient ‘cloffice’. You’ll also want to spend some time clearing away clutter and making the space tidy enough for you to ‘move in’.

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2). Stake your claim

Once you’ve found the perfect spot, you need to start setting it up as a work space. And designating it as your own personal WFH area. You can use dozens of things to section off space in your home, from furniture and screens or cleverly-shaped wall paint. If you can find a space that’s already somewhat secluded, it’ll make this a bit easier. But don’t be put off if yours is an open-plan home, you might just have to be a little more creative.

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3). Invest in good furniture

Even though it’s a small space, you don’t want to skimp on what’s important. After all, you’re likely to be spending quite a lot of time in your tiny home office. Quality furniture can make the space that much more comfortable, and it’ll be the main design feature of the office. Go for a streamlined desk that suits the rest of the colour scheme – if it’s not built in – and make sure it doesn’t take up too much visual space. And you need a good comfortable chair.

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4). Structure it to suit you

One of the best things about creating your own office space at home, is that you can design it just to suit you. If you’re handy with DIY, install as many floating shelves as you need – and even a built-in desk and drawer combination if you’re up to it. If you use multiple screens, consider mounting the monitors to save on space. If you have loads of stationery, buy a few boxes or baskets to keep things neat. Hang up your calendar, clock and mood board, make sure there’s a spot for the printer, and settle in.

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5). Light it up

Lighting is so important in a home office, because you don’t want to be straining your eyes any more than necessary. And working in the dark is never fun. If you can, invest in a few downlights as those provide great clarity in an office space. Or add a few table lamps, standing lamps or sconces if there’s space. An overhead hanging pendant is also a great option and adds to the decor of the space.

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6). Make it comfortable

We’re heading into the cooler months and, while you don’t want to be dozing off in your ‘cloffice’, you also can’t be sitting shivering all day. Get yourself a few lovely throws or blankets, and a back cushion if your desk chair needs one. You can probably steal these items from other rooms in the house so you don’t need to spend anything extra. And, because it’s comfortable and practical, place a rug under your chair for extra warmth.

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7). Decorate

This is the fun part. Your ‘cloffice’ is all set up with the necessities, and now it’s time to add a few things that will make you smile when you’re getting ready for your third Zoom meeting of the day. Decorate with whatever brings you joy. Photographs of friends and family, inspirational artworks, small sculptures and crafty pin boards. And, of course, several indoor plants. They’ll boost oxygen in the air and liven up a quiet office space.

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There are loads more ideas where these came from, and it’s really about creating your perfect ‘cloffice’ in the space you have available. Please contact us if you need any inspiration or interior design help.

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