5 Winter Decorating Ideas For A Cosy, Comfortable Home

5 Winter Decorating Ideas For A Cosy, Comfortable Home

The mornings are getting colder, and by 5pm we’re looking forward to cosying up on the couch with a warm cup of something. That’s how you can tell the winter chills are upon us, and that it’s time to make a few snugly adjustments to your home. We’re not talking about a seasonal overhaul, but rather tweaking certain decor or design elements to bring that extra bit of warmth into your home. If you’re looking to make the space feel cosy and comfortable this season, we have 5 affordable ideas that should help. Get ready to shake off the chills this winter in a restful, cosy home…

How to cosy up your home this winter

1). Warm up the lighting

There are several lighting options if you want to create an atmospheric glow in your home. And it’s all about layering. Turn on the table lamps in the evening to maximise soft lighting, and decorate with fairy lights or candles wherever you think it’ll work. Candles offer a therapeutic take on layered lighting, so display them on the coffee table, mantelpiece or bookshelf. And there are loads of LED lights available if you’d rather go that route. It’s a romantic way to warm up a room.

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2). Add pops of colour

If you do it right, colour can be used to bring life and warmth into a cool room. But go for complementary shades so the space doesn’t start to feel overly cluttered. If you have light furniture and a neutral backdrop, warm things up with autumn shades like yellows, browns and oranges – but stick to accessories like vases or scatter cushions so you can change things up again come spring. You can also layer nude shades if you’d rather stick to a monochromatic look.

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3). Layer textures

This is one of the best and easiest ways to make your home feel cosy and comfortable. And, it’s totally affordable because you likely won’t have to buy anything extra. When the temperatures dip, take the opportunity to bring out all the cosy blankets and throws that have been hiding in the linen cupboard, and layer them throughout the house. Double up blankets over the back of sofas, chairs or at the end of the bed. And don’t forget to warm up the kitchen with a shaggy rug or carpet. And throw on a few more textured scatter cushions for good measure.

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4). Highlight the fireplace

With our hot South African climate, there are only a few months of the year when we get to appreciate the warmth and luxury of a glowing fireplace. So you may as well make it count. If you’re fortunate enough to have a fireplace at home, turn it into a decor piece with a few extra touches this winter. Make it a focal point with picture frames, tea lights, candles, vases, or a hanging indoor plant. It’ll create a welcoming sense of comfort on those chilly winter evenings.

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5). Create a reading nook

What’s more comforting than curling up with a good book when the weather turns blustery? If there’s a spare corner in your home, take the opportunity to claim it as your chosen reading nook, where you can unwind on a cold winter afternoon, novel in hand. It doesn’t take much to create a cosy reading corner, simply a good chair, inviting blankets and cushions and a decent bit of light. Add a side table and foot stool so you can rest your tea and feet while you read.

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Here’s to a warm and cosy winter! Please contact us if you need any more winter decorating or renovation ideas.


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  1. […] ALSO SEE: 5 Winter Decorating Ideas For A Cosy, Comfortable Home […]

  2. […] ALSO SEE: 5 Winter Decorating Ideas For A Cosy, Comfortable Home […]

  3. […] ALSO SEE: 5 Winter Decorating Ideas For A Cosy, Comfortable Home […]

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