How To Update Your Home In 24 Hours: 6 Easy Ideas

How To Update Your Home In 24 Hours: 6 Easy Ideas

Feeling like a change? We’ve been spending most of our time in our homes for the last year, so it’s only natural to be in the mood for something different. And sometimes the smallest tweaks can make the biggest impact. If you’re looking to update a few rooms in your home, we’ve got some ideas to get you started. And, the good news is, these quick and easy updates can be done in 24 hours! From getting creative with paint, to reupholstering a statement piece of furniture, here’s how to update your home in just one day…

How to update your home in 24 hours

1). Get creative with paint

One of the easiest ways to update a room is with a fresh coat of paint. And, depending on your creativity and DIY skills, you can tackle this quick and easy update yourself. Even something small like splashing a lick of paint on the skirting boards can totally transform a room. They’re a humble, but significant architectural feature that would look brilliant with a bright splash of colour. For a subtle touch, stick to a complementary shade to the walls, or be bold with a contrasting colour. If you’re playing with paint, you could also use colour-blocking to decorate a focal wall and all it takes is masking tape and a steady hand.

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2). Tackle a DIY project

Don’t be put off by a bit of DIY, but rather embrace the chance to try something new. Most simple home DIY tasks come with dozens of helpful tutorials on YouTube or Pinterest. A quick and easy way to update your bedroom is by reupholstering the headboard. It’s an easy enough task, and the right fabric colour and texture can seriously boost your bedroom. Simply remove the outer fabric – keeping the padding – and choose a length of fabric that’ll be large enough to cover the headboard with a bit of excess. Pull it tightly and around the corners and keep it taut when you fold the fabric at the back. Then use a staple gun to secure the material at the back of the headboard. For a warm, layered look use the same material for a few scatter cushions on the bed. Done and dusted in 24 hours!

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3). Try zoning with colour

In multi-purpose rooms, you can create different zones simply by colour blocking certain areas. Before you start, think about what the room will be used for – eating, relaxing, working – and choose shades that will suit that activity. Do you want to zone with bright bold hues for the TV or entertainment room? Or, keep things neutral in a reading nook or home office? If you go for bold zoning colours, keep the floors neural with wooden floorboards or a plain carpet.

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4). Update your kitchen backsplash

This is a double win in terms of an easy home update, because not only does it instantly give your kitchen a fun new look, but it’ll also serve a practical purpose. If your DIY skills are top tier, think about using interesting tiles to create a colourful and glossy backsplash. Even if you can’t do this yourself, an experienced tiler will definitely be able to get it done in a day. Or, simply update the small backsplash area with a high quality coat of paint. This is simple and effective, and will give your cooking area that fresh look it needs.

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5). Whip out some wallpaper

It was popular at the start of the 20th century. And it seems to be back in fashion now. The good news is, tastes and trends have changed so you’re no longer stuck with garish colours and out-of-date prints. Wallpaper today is subtle, pretty and oh-so-stylish. And it’s just as easy to apply as it was sixty years ago. The trick is to keep the wallpaper space small, and stick to tones or textures that complement the rest of the room. For a quick and pain-free home update – that’ll definitely be completed in 24 hours – wallpaper is an easy win. Use it sparingly in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or even kitchen.

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6). Don’t forget the details

Sometimes, the trick to a quick and easy home update lies in the details. It could mean replacing tired old linen, adding a few scatter cushions to the bed or sofa, or reframing artwork you’ve been staring at for years. For a simple yet effective upgrade, consider painting the interior panes of door panels to mirror the colour scheme in the room. It’s subtle and helps create harmony between spaces. If we’re talking details, we also have to mention the power of indoor plants. A few dotted around the room will provide an instant lift and boost of natural energy.

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If you’re tackling a quick home update in 24 hours, we wish you the best of luck! Feel free to contact us for any and all renovation queries.

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    Great ideas for my new home. Looking forward to seeing more.

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      Thank you Patricia! Good luck with your new place.

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  3. […] ALSO SEE: How To Update Your Home In 24 Hours: 6 Easy Ideas […]

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