10 Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas To Try In Your Home

The Japandi design aesthetic is set to be all the rage in 2021, combining Scandinavian functionality with rustic minimalism. What better way to celebrate this trend than with a modern minimalist kitchen? In the kitchen, you want to create a space that’s organized, clean and functional. Which is why minimalism is such a popular option – it ticks every box. But, sleek and minimal doesn’t have to mean boring. If you do it right, you’ll be able to include personality and flair, while keeping to a polished and paired-down aesthetic. If you want a kitchen that boasts clutter-free surfaces, stylish materials and all the right accents, we’ve got some ideas for you. Check out our list of 10 modern minimalist kitchen ideas to get you inspired…

10 modern minimalist kitchen ideas

1). Give it an edge

This contemporary kitchen sticks closely to the minimalist aesthetic, with clean lines and absolutely no clutter. We love the stone-look backsplash and matching countertops – another clever design trick in a modern, minimalist kitchen. But it’s the cooker hood that really makes an impact and gives the space the edge it needs. It’s eye-catching while still being elegant and the grooved wood is a modern, natural touch.

Image by mysteelecreek.tumblr.com

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2). Don’t be afraid to go dark

While we tend to think of minimalist kitchens as having light, neutral colour palettes, there’s definitely room for a bit of colour experimentation. If it’s done in the right way. If black is a bit too stark for your tastes, try something that’s easier on the eye but just as dramatic. This modern kitchen gets a luxurious lift thanks to cleverly-placed paint accents in deep blue. It’s not too much as to make the space feel moody, because the blue is offset by pale stone and wood materials.

Image by @heartlandletter on Pinterest

3). Mix trends

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to stick to one style throughout the house, or even in the same room. While it’s important to create some sort of design flow and continuity in your home, you don’t have to be limited in terms of style trends. This kitchen, though modern and minimalist, has a decidedly farmhouse feel thanks to the grey cabinets and exposed brick backsplash. We also love the floating shelves with distinctly farmhouse-chic display ornaments. The sleek bar stools and white quartz counter prevent the space from becoming overly country.

Image by @decorotation on Pinterest

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4). Add pops of colour

If you need to express some personality in your modern minimalist kitchen, who’s to curb your enthusiasm? Just have a plan before you start. Keep the backdrop simple with white counters and cabinets, so you can have some fun with colourful accessories. Display bright ceramic cookware and coloured glassware, but stick to one or two colours only. What’s more, with a minimalist backdrop, fresh flowers will always pop.

Image by fave.co

5). Keep the walls clear

This works best in smaller kitchens where space is a premium. And in households that tend to collect clutter on any available surface. The easiest way to keep a kitchen clean and tidy is to make sure everything that needs to be there is tucked away neatly in a sleek cupboard. It also helps bring a cohesive flow to a small space. We love how this kitchen combines cabinets of different colours and textures, but it’s all perfectly streamlined and symmetrical.

Image by inkarch.wordpress.com

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6). Go green

A touch of greenery will liven up any indoor space, especially a modern minimalist kitchen. Start a small indoor garden, or simply dot a few planters around the counters and floating shelves. You’ll get to exercise your green thumb and enhance the natural appeal of the room. This is ideal for kitchens that get loads of natural light and, if you want a really useful indoor kitchen garden, plant a few herbs you use regularly.

Image by vwartclub.com

7). When in doubt, stick to all-white

This classic kitchen trend never goes out of style. It’s the epitome of modern minimalism and designers come back to it year after year. If you opt for this aesthetic, you likely won’t find yourself doing a kitchen renovation for many years to come. But all-white doesn’t have to be clinical. Add warmth with natural wooden accents and gold or bronze accessories. And always have a vase of fresh flowers nearby to create a welcoming, homely atmosphere.

Image by @mixmatchdesignc on Pinterest

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8). All natural

If you’re designing a Japandi-style minimalist kitchen, you can’t go wrong with natural materials and fabrics. It’ll provide an instantly modern colour-scheme as well as warmth and texture in a contemporary space. And there are loads of options. You can experiment with wooden flooring and cabinets, as well as quartz counters, steel cooker hoods and tiled backsplashes. And have fun with accessories like wicker pendants and unusual greenery. Eco-friendly is on trend.

Image by @hgtv on Pinterest

9). Warm it up

Just because you’re sticking to modern minimalism, doesn’t mean your kitchen needs to be unfriendly or uninviting. To bring warmth into your paired-back kitchen, make the most of natural lighting. And create soft lighting with dimmers and lamps. Natural fibres and earth tones such as cream and beige also help increase the cosy factor. If you want to add colour, make it sun-drenched shades of butter yellow and burnt orange.

Image by @huguetmallorca on Pinterest

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10). Bohemian details have a place

The cosy bohemian trend is still really popular, and there’s no reason you can’t incorporate elements of that style in your modern kitchen. This city apartment has a touch of boho-chic with shaggy chair covers and floor-to-ceiling curtains, but the rest is sleek and simple. To give your minimalist kitchen some bohemian flair, go for unusual accessories and decorations like carpets or artwork. For just the right amount of eccentricity.

Image by @elledecor on Pinterest

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