7 Ideas For Creating A Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

The modern farmhouse kitchen has been a popular design style for the last few years. And it’s easy to see why. This design aesthetic is all about comfort, charm and getting back to the simple things in life. While the traditional farmhouse kitchen is rooted in the past, many designers are making chic adjustments to bring it into the modern era. Taking inspiration from classic country kitchens, the modern farmhouse style is welcoming and warm without being overly fussy. The easiest way to achieve this look in your home is with a kitchen remodel. But, if you’re just looking for inspiration, we’ve got 7 simple tips to mastering the modern farmhouse trend. We hope they spark some ideas…

How to create a modern farmhouse kitchen

1). Stick to simple cabinets and hardware

If you want to keep your existing cabinets, the simplest way to give them a farmhouse feel is to paint them a light, bright colour like white, cream or beige. And stick to uncomplicated hardware with brushed or antique finishes. You could, of course, choose to replace the kitchen cabinetry, in which case it’s best to keep it simple with uniform cupboards in natural materials. And don’t go overboard with textures or moulding. The farmhouse look is homely without being overcomplicated.

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2). Create a subtle colour palette

While a modern farmhouse kitchen should invoke feelings of comfort and cosiness, the warm textures should be offset by a simple backdrop of unobtrusive colours. Colours with the most surface area should be neutral shades of cream, white, beige and grey. Then, you can accent with a few warmer hues to give the room depth and dimension. A modern way to bring in a bit of colour is to paint a section of cabinets a subtle shade of blue or green. Even a simple colour palette doesn’t need to be dull.

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3). Accent with natural materials

Because the modern farmhouse kitchen takes inspiration from classic country style, the design lends itself to rustic natural materials. Go for things like natural and reclaimed wood, marble and soapstone, wire and glass, and maybe a few touches of wrought iron. We love how the below farmhouse kitchen has incorporated various natural materials, from the wooden sliding door to the woven baskets and stone countertops. Very farmhouse chic.

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4). Embrace open shelves

An easy way to make the most of the modern farmhouse aesthetic is to bring a rustic accent to the space in the form of natural wooden shelves. They provide an authentic country feel, while also being functional. Use them to display white crockery and offset the rugged shelves with minimalist decor. Modern farmhouse kitchens make life easier by using design solutions to make everyday kitchen items more accessible. You could achieve the same thing with a few glass-fronted cabinets if open shelving seems a bit untidy for you.

Image by twogalsinteriors.com

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5). Include a classic farmhouse sink

American bathtub and sink company Badeloft, describes a farmhouse sink as a drop-in sink with an exposed front-facing side. They’re designed to be added to a space cut out especially for it in the kitchen counter. Farmhouse sinks are generally very large, originally intended to be used to store water, prepare vegetables or even wash laundry. They add a rustic and homely feel and are a staple feature in a modern farmhouse kitchen.

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6). Include your favourite farmhouse decorations

Looking for the finishing touches to your modern farmhouse kitchen? An effective way to create that homely atmosphere is to display a few kitchen items you already have. And the options are endless. Go for anything from brass pots and pans, ceramic vases, recipe books and chopping boards to sentimental artworks. This element of a farmhouse kitchen allows you to express some personality and display things that mean something to you – and make the space feel like yours. These items help make it feel like home – crucial in a cosy farmhouse kitchen. Just don’t over clutter.

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7). Invite people in

The last but not least important feature of a modern farmhouse kitchen? People. This kitchen design style is made for big families or special get-togethers with friends. It should be a place where you can cook up a storm, rope the kids into helping with veg prep, while a friend chats to you nearby. So you need to make it inviting enough that people don’t feel out of place or in the way in your family-style kitchen. If there’s space, a kitchen island with bar stools on one side doubles as a prep station and seating place. Otherwise, invest in a gorgeous farmhouse table to install at one end of your open-plan kitchen. It’s a sociable place so you want to be able to invite people in and make them feel at home.

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We’d love to help you design the perfect modern farmhouse kitchen for your home! Whether you’re starting from scratch or doing a light kitchen remodel to create the space you’re looking for. If you need ideas, or are looking for an experienced kitchen designer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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