Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas For A Shabby Chic Look

Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas For A Shabby Chic Look

Updating the shelves and cabinets in your kitchen is a quick and easy way to give the space a little boost. And, it doesn’t break the bank! Whether you’re doing a total kitchen renovation or easy refresh, adding a few stylish open shelves can give your kitchen the lift it needs. Open kitchen shelves are popular in shabby-chic farmhouse kitchens, but the ideas can be applied in almost any design. Here are some ideas to get you started…

Open kitchen shelving ideas for a shabby chic look

1). Go for a rustic wooden edge

Wood is a popular material for floating shelves in a farmhouse or country kitchen. It provides a rustic, shabby-chic look whether you use reclaimed wood or wood-laminate shelves. But what if your style is a bit more edgy or on the eclectic side?

Live-edge shelves are slabs of wood where some of the bark is still visible, which will add a more rustic charm to your kitchen. Though they will cost you more than basic wood shelving, the upgrade will become a worthy statement piece in your kitchen.

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2). Concrete chic

This idea works well in more modern or minimalist kitchens where you still want to bring in the warmth and homeliness of open shelves. Opt for cool concrete shelves for a sleeker take on the shabby-chic look. Light concrete works well in most spaces and, if they’re styled correctly, can be an opportunity for you to show some personality. When styling open shelves, keep you colour palette simple for a more streamlined look and try to mix up the shapes and sizes of items. Also, any kind of greenery is always welcome.

Floating shelf concrete 80x23cm,,,,,

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3). Remove cupboard doors

This money-saving trick is easy and effective. And, with a bit of DIY effort, can help transform your kitchen. Rather than replacing cabinets with new shelving, simply remove the cabinet doors and show the cupboards some love. Splash on a fresh coat of paint, or give some attention to wooden cabinets with sanding and treating. For a more creative look, consider painting the interiors a different colour. You have the appeal of open shelving with the convenience of not having to replace any furniture. It’s one of  the easiest ways to update your kitchen without going through an entire remodel.

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4). Rethink shelving

Right now, designers are getting creative about how they’re approaching open kitchen shelving. For a more modern look, go for shelving options with gold or brass finishes and consider glass shelves rather than a solid, heavy material. There are loads of varieties when it comes to open kitchen shelves, so think about what you’re looking for and feel free to mix things up. You’re bound to find a solution that suits your aesthetic.

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5). Make the most of corner space

Running cabinets to the end of a wall might mean you miss out on available space along the adjacent wall. Rather, use open shelves in tricky corner areas to make the most of the available space. And, because most corners tend to be hidden from view, it’s the perfect opportunity to store appliances or other unattractive kitchen gadgets. And, it doesn’t matter if these shelves aren’t always perfectly neat – they’re obscured anyway.

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6). Use them sparingly

Rather than using tons of open kitchen shelves in your remodel or update, remember that a few well-placed shelves can go a long way. A couple of smaller shelves that take up the space of one cabinet will make a significant impact on the space. This idea works well for those who want the look of open shelving but less commitment with regards to cleaning and styling them.

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We hope these looks have sparked some ideas for your open kitchen shelves, especially if you’re going for a shabby chic look. Remember, they’re an easy way to update your kitchen and are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install. If you’re doing a more major kitchen remodel, we’d love to help. Contact us to find out about out full turnkey and renovation services.

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