How To Choose The Best Pendant Light For Your Kitchen Island

How To Choose The Best Pendant Light For Your Kitchen Island

Recently, kitchen islands have become a must-have in modern kitchen remodels. And with them come the beautiful and functional pendant light. While a kitchen island pendant light needs to do the job of illuminating your workspace and catch-up spot, that doesn’t mean it can’t add to the style and decor of the room. These days, there are myriad pendant light styles available, and you need to choose one that best suits your needs and the overall look of your kitchen. If chosen properly, they can be the jewel of the room, and serve a practical purpose. We’ve come up with a few simple things to keep in mind when choosing the best pendant light for your kitchen island…

What to consider when choosing the best kitchen island pendant

1). Consider proportions

The first step to choosing your ideal kitchen island pendant is to think about size and proportion – both of the island and the light fixture. And, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Generally, when it comes to kitchen pendants, bigger is always better – whether or not you have a vast kitchen island. Bigger pendants make more of an impact and contribute to the interior design aesthetics of the room. Oversized fixtures have become popular because they emit loads of light and provide a focal point for the room. In smaller kitchens, where the rest of the decor is pared back, a single oversized pendant light can make all the difference in terms of design.

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While kitchen island pendant lights are usually hung around 90cm from the counter, you can play with this as you see fit. For a dramatic effect, hang pendant lights at different levels. Or, change it up depending on the style of the kitchen and the overall purpose of the light.

2). Keep function in mind

Of course, you want your kitchen island pendant light to make a statement, but it’s also there to do a job. Before you decide on the right pendant for the room, think about what your kitchen island will most commonly be used for. Is it a functional work station, where you’ll be preparing meals and chopping up a storm? Or, is it more of an unofficial dining area where you can have a casual bite and a chat? This will inform the type of pendant you choose. Task lights are bright pendants aimed downwards and open at the bottom for maximum illumination. While multiple-bulb fixtures are better if you’re looking for soft lighting ideal for a mingling spot. The other thing to consider is what other types of lighting the kitchen already features.

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3). Style it right

Because there are so many different pendant lights available today, it might be worth getting expert advice on which would be best for the specific style of your kitchen. When choosing the best pendant, think about the design and style of the pendant fixture itself, other visible lights in the room, and what you want the overall decor effect to be. We’ve put together a few modern kitchen pendant light styles below, to give you a few ideas of what works…

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Kitchen island pendant light inspiration

Play with colour

In a neutral kitchen, coloured pendants can add personality and pizazz. Rather than making a pendant fade into the background, use colour to make a statement and bring in a bit of fun. We love these sleek, tri-colour pendants by Light In The Box that are bright and architecturally interesting.

 34 cm LED Pendant Light Nordic Tricolor Light Island Light Metal Painted Finishes Modern 110-120V 220-240V

34 cm LED Pendant Light Nordic Tricolor Light Island Light Metal Painted Finishes Modern 110-120V 220-240V by Light In The Box

Add texture

One of the ways to increase the interior design appeal in your kitchen is with texture. And it doesn’t only apply to paint and furniture. These textured glass pendant lights are the perfect combination of modern material and subtle warmth. Stick to a single colour for a sophisticated look, or make the most of the vintage-inspired design by hanging all three above your kitchen island.

Madison Glass Pendant Light 3 Options -

Madison Glass Pendant Light 3 Options by

Try unique antiques

A modern, industrial kitchen gets an unexpected edge with antique-looking kitchen island lights. These brushed-steel pendants are bold and rustic, and provide loads of light over your workspace. The open brick and sleek finishes in this kitchen really make the pendants pop.

Image by @homewarestore on Instagram

Make it natural

The natural design trend is extremely popular right now, as people look to the calming effect of nature. We love the boho-style trend that celebrates natural materials like wicker, rattan, wood and linen. In the kitchen, the perfect way to incorporate natural design might be with a stylish round island pendant. It’s elegant and effective, and will give off wonderfully warm light.


Art deco inspiration

Finally, why not have a little fun with wacky designs and interesting colours? There are no rules when it comes to choosing the best kitchen island pendant, so have fun with retro looks and art deco designs. We love these gold and white spheres that really make a statement this quirky kitchen.

Satin Gold Branch Pendant by Elevenpast

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