5 Ideas For A Trendy Kitchen Update

Renovating your kitchen can be a fun – and, at times, stressful – project. This is one of the key rooms in the house, so if you’re planning a remodel, it’s worth taking some time to make sure you’re happy with the design, layout, and finishing touches in the kitchen. To avoid spending extra cash in a few years’ time, you’ll also want to make sure you pick designs that have longevity and will be appealing for many years to come. From blue hues, metallic finishing and blush accessories to kitchen islands and bold pendants, here are some of the top kitchen trends making waves right now. Keep reading for more…

Top 5 kitchen trends

1). Warm grey

Still a popular trend in interior design, grey is transforming light, minimal kitchens into dramatic spaces that look chic and sophisticated. It’s also one of the Pantone Colour(s) of the Year for 2021, so it’s no wonder the shade is popping up in every room in the house. You can choose between lighter, pale greys or more dramatic dark hues but, once you’ve chosen a temperature, try to stick to it. Too many variations of the colour can create a confused feel.

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2). Millennial pink AKA blush

Blush shades are prevalent in interiors this year, migrating from traditional spaces like the bedroom and living room to the kitchen. It’s a great partner to colours like classic cream or subtle grey, especially if you want to bring warmth to an ‘industrial’ space like the kitchen. Use it for a hero piece like the cooker, kitchen island or seating area to make a real impact.

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3). Bold metals

From beautiful patinas to high-shine finishes, copper is still super trendy. For a dramatic look, try a bold metallic hero piece like a kitchen island or splashback. If you’re less confident, have fun with accessories like copper utensils, chairs and pendant lights. These finishes pair well with the shade of the season – grey – and help to add warmth to a cooler neutral space. It’s all about glamour and shine – perfect if you’re looking for a hero piece.

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4). Soft sophistication

This season, you’d do well to look for sophisticated, refined kitchens that are also practical. This will guarantee you the style update and longevity you’re looking for. Style a new space with vases, pendants and decorative touches that create a home deco feel in this functional room. For an easy update, go for white counters, cabinets and islands, adding wood for a more natural, homely feel. Paler shades combined with natural-look worktops provides the perfect combination of contemporary chic and comfort.

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5). Shades of blue

Blue is one to watch this season. And it pairs well with neutral grey tones for a more casual, beachy look. Think powder blues, soft denims and grey-blue shades that have a calming pastel undertone and can easily transition from kitchen to living room. Pair shades of blue with white, grey, pastels and add finishing touches like metallic pendants, brass hardware and wooden stools to keep it from becoming too cool.

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We hope these trends have sparked some ideas! Please contact us if you need any help with kitchen inspiration or renovation.



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