5 New Winter Decor Trends To Suit Any Taste

The temperatures are dipping a little more each day, encouraging many of us to seek sanction indoors. But, if your home doesn’t feel like the welcoming haven you need right now, it might not be as satisfying. If you’re looking to update your home this season, we’ve got a few looks to suit any taste. Whether you’re a fan of modern minimalism, touches of luxe, or abstract impact, there’s a new winter decor trend you’re bound to love. Take it easy and make a few changes in one or two rooms, or tackle a full decor overhaul. With these trends, you can pick and choose what you want to try and how fully you adopt the styles. If a change is what you’re after, these ideas will get the creativity flowing…

5 new winter decor trends

1). Japandi

We’ve mentioned this trend before and, if anything, it seems to be gaining traction. As a blend of Scandinavian style and Japanese influences, this minimalist look creates a zen atmosphere while still offering warmth and comfort. To make the most of it, stick to neutral colour palettes, sleek decor and curated accessories. And, most importantly, try to keep the space tidy and uncluttered.

We love the brushed brass, dark accents, and contrasting prints that takes this Japandi living room in a more luxe direction.

Image by @hertexfabrics on Instagram

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2). Standout glamour

The best thing about this new winter decor trend is that it doesn’t require loads of buys to create that opulent look. It’s all about choosing one or two items that really embody boutique-style luxury and making them the hero of the room. It could be a plush velvet sofa, a retro drinks trolley or statement wall art. With this trend, you can be as elegantly understated or fabulously flamboyant as you like.

We love this statement glamour bedroom, complete with faux-fur rug, satin-soft bedding and gold accessories.

Image by @homewarestore on Instagram

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3). Mid-century geometrics

This contemporary look uses shapely designs and bold geometrics to create a homely, modern feel. Take inspiration from mid-century abstract design and bold shapes to make a statement with this new winter decor trend. It can be introduced with anything from wall art and geometric rugs to cushions and tableware. Look for unusual prints, bright colours and clean lines. Also, matt-black items like vases, tables and picture frames will really make these geo abstract accessories pop.

We love the bold colours, graphic artwork and sleek architectural feel in this mid-century reading nook.

Image by @knushomedecor on Instagram

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4). Nordic luxe

In this cold weather, it’s natural to want to escape to a luxe retreat where you can bunker down and cuddle up in comfort. With a nod to Nordic design styles, but with warmer fabrics and textures, the fourth winter decor trend is all about creating a cosy space with timeless furniture and curated accessories. You’ll want to incorporate knits, weaves and tassels, as well as hygge-style fabrics like faux fur and velvet. Dried flowers also give this look a rustic edge.

We love the artisan accessories, Nordic hues and layered fabrics in this retreat-worthy living room.

Image by @coricraft_sa on Instagram

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5). Jewel tones

The last and certainly not least winter decor trend for 2021 – statement colours to warm your heart. Chase away the winter blues with pops of rich colour throughout the house. This trend is for the bolder decor aficionados who aren’t afraid to try a look that packs a punch. Look for carefully-curated items in jewel-toned shades of teal, emerald, amber, amethyst, cerise and royal blue. These statement items will do all the talking, so keep other decor pared-back and subtle. The best news is that this trend translates into the kitchen, too. So go bold with brightly-coloured dinnerware and glasses.

We love the bright sofa and botanical-inspired print in this living room. And bold dinnerware in contrasting shades in this table setting.

Images by @hertexfabric and @homewarestore on Instagram

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Have fun playing with these 5 new winter decor trends this season!

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  1. […] ALSO SEE: 5 New Winter Decor Trends To Suit Any Taste […]

  2. […] ALSO SEE: 5 New Winter Decor Trends To Suit Any Taste […]

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