How to create a winter bedroom sanctuary

How To Create A Winter Bedroom Sanctuary

Can you believe we’ve passed the winter solstice already? If you’re still not feeling cosy and cocooned in your bedroom, we have a few ideas that’ll help give it that extra bit of comfort this season. This sacred space is where we can switch off from our busy lives and retire for a restful night’s sleep. Now, we’ve got some ideas to help create a dreamy, relaxing boudoir that’s just for you. With these tips, you’ll turn your bedroom into a personal haven filled with stylish and functional decor options.

How to create a winter sanctuary bedroom

Blush touches

Evoke a sense of luxury, femininity and elegance with calming blush tones. Shades of pink provide a soothing colour scheme in a bedroom sanctuary. But don’t go overboard or you’ll risk turning a glamorous boudoir into a girly candy store. Copper tones and dusty pink touches will do the trick.

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Scent from heaven

In a proper bedroom sanctuary, your en-suite bathroom can be as indulgent as those in five-star hotels. Choose scented candles that’ll give the room a romantic glow, or opt for earthy room diffusers. These decadent touches bring an additional layer of fragrance and luxury to the space.

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Bold botanicals

It’s so important for your wellbeing to have a space where you can really wind down and sleep well. If a luxe colour scheme will help set the tone, so much the better. For a really glamorous winter bedroom sanctuary, think plush fabrics, jewel tones and shaggy rugs. They’ll create a truly sumptuous setting where you can relax and unwind in peace.

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Duo desk

Think out of the box when it comes to bedroom side tables. A desk as a bedside table serves a dual purpose and adds a fresh modern twist. We love the idea of incorporating a streamlined, contemporary desk in a plush, cosy bedroom.

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Curl up

Splash out on a chic chair, bench, or even a chaise longue for luxe bedroom lounging. It’ll help create the perfect reading nook where you can curl up with a few extra blankets and while away an afternoon with a good book.

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We hope these stylish and functional suggestions have helped spark some ideas. Here’s to cosying up in a perfect winter bedroom sanctuary this season!

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