6 Winter Decluttering Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy

6 Winter Decluttering Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy

Winter might not, traditionally, be the season of decluttering. But, after reading some of the below tips, you’ll realise why it makes perfect sense. Especially since, right now, we’re cooped up at home under new lockdown regulations. And our homes are starting to take more of a beating than usual. With these short days and chilly nights, we’re spending time inside under our blankets – and the clutter is starting to show. We’ve got a few simple and easy ways to keep your home tidy this winter, because the perfect season to start decluttering is now…

Top 6 winter decluttering tips

1). Pack away summer clothes

Winter clothing inevitably takes up more space than their summer counterparts, with thick knits and puffers clogging up your wardrobe. So, it’s important to pack away summer items to make room for warm winter garments. While you’re at it, take the chance to go through both wardrobes and do a quick chuck out. With summer items, ask yourself if you’ve warn them in the last six months. And, do the same when unpacking winter things. Put aside ‘donate, sell, bin’ bags so you can easily get rid of whatever you no longer need, and make sure it goes to the right people.

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2). Switch to winter bed linen

Switching to winter bed linen is a household chore that we tend to delay as long as we can. But, certain hacks will make this job easier, and next time you’ll be a little less likely to put it off until tomorrow. Firstly, keep your linen sets stored together in a cupboard so it’s easy to just grab a fresh set. If you don’t have to dig around for 10 minutes trying to find all your pillowcases, you’ll be less likely to procrastinate. To fold fitted sheets, pop your hands into the corners to keep them straight and square. Put your hands together and you should have a straight line (in theory). Lastly, wash all your throws and blankets so they are ready to cosy up couches and beds.

3). Dust it off

In winter, the air in your home becomes dry thanks to the constant use of heaters, causing more dust than in summer. We’re also dealing with dust and soot from outside that, on windy days, always manages to sneak in under the doors. Remember to dust the top of the door frames, the light fixtures and any other surfaces where dust may gather. A good dusting every few days or so should be enough to keep your home spick and span.

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4). Organise the living room

In the next few weeks, this is where everyone in the family will be spending the majority of their time. Because it’s so much cosier on the couch if you want to settle in to finish homework or eat dinner. It’s worth spending an extra few minutes making sure this room is decluttered and organised. Firstly, invest in decorative baskets or storage shelves for things like blankets, magazines and toys. Then, think about shifting the furniture to allow for maximum space. If you want to keep the space tidy, make sure everyone cleans up after themselves and remembers to put blankets away at the end of the movie. This is a family job.

5). Create a bathroom haven

The bathroom is heavily used, yet relatively small. Give everyone their own shade of towel, bath sheet, and toothbrush so they know where to find it and put it away. Spend an afternoon going through the cabinets, throwing away expired cosmetics, almost-finished shampoo bottles and those free samples you’ve had for months. Then, once the clutter has been disposed of, neaten up what’s left and pack it away in cupboards or storage drawers.

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6). Declutter as you clean

Winter cleaning is a great time to organise and declutter your home. We’re all guilty of keeping items that we don’t need or use, but still we find it difficult to part with them. While you’re cleaning up, look around the room, and decide what you can live without, and discard it. Who knows, you may be able to make a little money at the same time? Get yourself some storage crates, boxes, and vacuum-pack bags. Apply the ‘have I needed or used this in the last three months’ rule to everything you own, especially if it’s lying around gathering dust. Then, either store items, donate them or chuck them. It’s a lot easier to wipe a surface if you don’t have to move 20 things off of it first.

Good luck! And here’s to tidy, decluttered homes where you can while away those winter days…

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