5 Easy Ways To Update Your Bathroom Now

5 Easy Ways To Update Your Bathroom Now

Bathrooms are fairly underrated rooms in the house. But, with a little bit of attention, they can be the best place to start and end your day. This season, we’re looking at quick and easy ways to improve your bathrooms, from stylish twin vanities to pops of colour and hero baths. We’ve come up with a few easy ways to update your bathroom now…

5 easy ways to update your bathroom now

1). Black lines

Black is making a bold appearance, working brilliantly with softer grey and bright white colour palettes. In home decor and design, there’s always something simple that can be used to make a serious impact. Black in the bathroom seems like an obvious next step, from black baths and taps to showerheads and statement cabinets. But, if you’re nervous, stick to a minimal look like black lines used to distinguish windows, mirrors or shower doors. Just a few black touches can make a simple bathroom look sophisticated.

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2). Twin vanities

The trend for double basins came from boutique hotels and has been with us for a while now. But, more attention is being placed on the design and practicality of the unit itself, offering plenty of smart finishes and storage options. Space is a premium element of luxury, and a twin vanity unit makes the perfect choice for a busy and compact bathroom. You will instantly have more space to share, so invest in a stylish twin vanity. Hang a large mirror over a family vanity unit to prevent the space from looking too divided.

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3). Hero bath

Traditional in style, but with all the benefits of modern design, a hero bath could be just what your bathroom needs. The trend for vintage, classical and contemporary designs like concrete, copper and coloured exteriors continues to grow. Expect bathrooms with clever material innovations in the next few years, too. By making the tub the focal point, you create a decor theme for the whole room, so think carefully before making your purchase. We love the look of this sleek black tub that takes the theme of incorporating black elements to a whole new level.

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4). Spa oasis

Move over big hotel bathrooms, because smaller spa-style en suites are making an entrance. Clever designs and wall-hung sanitaryware make the most of available space. The clean lines and space-saving potential of wall-mounted pieces will suit any bathroom. Just don’t forget those touches of luxury, from soft fluffy towels and storage caddies to lush indoor plants.

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5). Accessorise right

If you’re looking to give your bathroom an easy update, think about changing up the accessories before making any major structural or design edits. Replace old faucets and taps with elegant new ones, update tired towels with plush replacements. And think about adding one or two things like storage baskets, soap dispensers, plants or a new mirror. And there are no rules about colour anymore, so show as much personality as you can muster. This is a budget-friendly way to spruce up your bathroom.

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We hope these easy updates have sparked some ideas! And please contact us if you need any help sprucing up the bathrooms in your home.

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