6 Home Renovation Ideas To Add Space And Value

If you’re taking on a home renovation project, we’ve got a few ideas to help add space and value to your home. You’re tackling a pretty big task, so you might as well make some small adjustments to get the absolute most out of your remodel. Whether you want a few simple changes, or to build new rooms from scratch, these home renovation ideas will help make your space better and more valuable.

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6 renovation ideas that will add space and value to your home

1). Add an extension

If you have the space, think about adding an extension to the ground floor of your property. But, it’s important to think carefully about the kind of room you want to add to your home. Do your kids often sleep on the couch when guests stay over? In which case a ground-floor guest room would make life easier and add value to your home down the line. Do you enjoy cooking as a family and chatting in the kitchen as you prepare a meal? Then, it might be worth opening up the kitchen to include an open-plan dining or seating area that gets loads of natural light. Communal spaces like sitting rooms or dining rooms, that everyone can benefit from, tend to work better as extensions outwards or sideways. Just make sure nothing affects the structural credibility of the house.

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2). Retile the bathroom

Doing a bathroom overhaul, complete with new fixtures and fittings, can be a hassle. If you want to make a change without taking on a big job, consider retiling the bathroom – or a portion of it. New tiles give the space a fresh look and can accommodate existing features and sanitary ware. To make the most of your easy bathroom remodel, choose tiles that give the room character and personality. Or, tile them in an interesting way, like the bathroom below. Fortunately, this kind of tiling job isn’t very time-consuming and should take a professional tiler no more than a few days. Making it a beautiful and stress-free home renovation option.

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3). Give your kitchen some love

The kitchen is the heart of the home. So, if you’re taking on a home renovation project, think about how you can include a quick kitchen remodel in the process. It’s a room everyone in the home uses and should love. Go for something simple like a kitchen cabinet update – repainting cupboards and replacing hardware makes a big difference. Switch up appliances, retile the floors, or treat yourself to a gas stove. And, for those with a bigger budget, you might want to re-do the kitchen and include things like a kitchen island, more storage space and extra sinks. It’s up to you and your renovation budget.

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4). Move the bathroom

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the house and, mostly, they’re remembered for their functional purpose. But, in a home renovation, why not treat yourself to a beautiful new bathroom? In principle, any room can be transformed into a bathroom as long as it has adequate access to water, and a way to dispose of waste water. You might want to move the bathroom to a bigger space, or knock down a wall to create that relaxing spa-like atmosphere. Make the bathtub the hero of the room with a free-standing tub, and pick decor and accessories that put you at ease. This one’s for you.

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5). Make the most of loft space

Depending on how your home is structured, there could be loads of loft space that’s going unused. To increase available space in your home, and add to its future value, consider putting your roof to good use and creating additional functional rooms. The best thing is that this home renovation idea gives you space without taking it away from anywhere else. Obviously, loft conversions are likely to have unusual dimensions, so ask a professional about how best to approach the project. And you can make the most of sloping ceilings and low-hung windows in relaxing rooms like bedrooms or bathrooms.

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6). Remember the entrance

It’s the first thing you and your visitors see when you arrive! Not to mention potential home-buyers if you put the property on the market in future. In terms of adding value to your home, a great front door entrance goes a long way. And it’s simple enough to improve. A quick coat of paint and a new knocker can be all it takes to update your home’s entrance. If you’re thinking more long-term, you could include things like potted plants and a joyous welcome mat. Before you cross the threshold, the entrance gives you an idea of the space that lies beyond. It’s worth making it neat and welcoming.

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If you need professional help with your home renovation project, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you create the home of your dreams!

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