Why The Maximalist Design Trend Is All The Rage This Season

As the weather gets cooler, it’s no surprise people are looking for that extra touch of luxury in their homes. So, we’re seeing a movement away from simple, minimalist design to the rich glamour and eccentricity of the maximalist trend. When describing this new interior design style, American designer Marilynn Taylor says, “To me, maximalism is the epitome of the passion, power and joy that can be expressed through a room, and is a much needed switch up from the long-serving minimalism, boho and farmhouse norms. Glamour and luxury are making their mainstream comeback, and I couldn’t be happier about it.” We’re happy about it, too. If you want to add a bit of maximalist glamour to your home, even in small doses, we’ve got some ideas.

The trend is all the rage this season, so why not try it out?

6 maximalism decor ideas for autumn

1). Prints and patterns

The maximalist interior trend embraces every form of expression, from bold colours to vivid prints. And, if we’re operating on the principle of ‘more is more’, there’s certainly room to mix and match different patterns. One thing to remember is that even in a maximalist room, there still needs to be something that pulls the decor together. So make sure prints have something in common, be it tone or texture. We love this luxe floral bedroom, complete with shaggy bolster and gold-plated side tables. Very statement chic.

Image by @mrp_home on Instagram

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2). Colour contrasts

Sometimes, it’s okay to break the rules. Rather than walking away from an interiors piece you love because it ‘doesn’t match’ the rest of your decor, forget the rule book and go with your gut. If an item brings you joy and will make you smile whenever you see it, it’s worth the risk. And, chances are, you’ll find a way to incorporate it into the rest of your decor. You wouldn’t necessarily imagine that yellow would pair well with cerise pink, but how stylish is this eclectic living room? The neutral backdrop is the perfect setting for that statement sofa. And, the best part is, if you change your mind about the colour contrast, you can always replace the flowers with something less risky. Though, we say go for it!

Image by @blockandchisel on Instagram

3). Kitchen wallpaper

Yes, kitchens can be part of the maximalist trend, too. Almost anything goes with this design style, as long as it makes you feel happy and makes your days at home more this autumn more enjoyable. After all, we’re spending a lot of time in our own houses these days, so we might as well make it interesting. In the kitchen, maximise quirky decor with a unique backsplash or cabinet design. We also love the idea of incorporating passionate prints on the walls, and wallpaper is just the man for the job. If you’re new to the trend, keep other details simple. But, the combination of the below wallpaper and lush green cabinetry simply sings maximalism. In the best way.

Image by @hunkerhome on Pinterest

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4). Small doses

There’s nothing wrong with simply wanting to dip your toe in this exciting new design trend this autumn. If you find you get a taste for it, feel free to experiment with bolder choices in more rooms. The trick is not to overwhelm yourself. Marilynn Taylor suggests bringing in a few colourful cushions in clashing tones, like hot pink and tangerine, and try scattering them on a plain, dark sofa or simple chairs. For the braver decorator, you could add bold wallpaper in a smaller room that you don’t use all that often. Then, if you find you like the look, transfer some of your ideas to more common areas like the living room and kitchen.

Image by @loadsofliving on Instagram

5). Mixing it up

The maximalist trend can be interpreted in so many ways – that’s one of the best things about it. There’s room to express yourself and choose items you never thought would go together. In terms of mixing it up, it can be anything from clashing colours and unlikely fabrics to contrasting prints. You might surprise yourself with what you can pull off – and you’ll know when it starts becoming too much. As long as there are still dots linking the room together, you can mix anything from geometric prints and cottagey patterns with velvet and leather fabric. We love the look of this eclectic bedroom. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up on this bright bed this autumn?

Image by @knushomedecor on Instagram

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6). All-out accessories

If you love decorating and are a sucker for a beautiful accent piece, you’ll love the maximalist design trend. And you’ll find it easy to master. With people spending more time at home – and especially in the cooler months – they want to be surrounded by items that make them smile. And everyone deserves a touch of luxe in their lives. This is another reason the maximalist design trend is so popular, because you’re free to bring out as many scatter cushions, candle sticks and table decorations as you like. If you want to take the trend to the next level, look for unusual accessories that’ll bring a bit of drama to the room. This luxury wall clock does just that, and tones perfectly with the rest of the glamorous decor pieces. So dreamy.

Image by @stephyluxedecor on Instagram

Have fun with the latest design trend this autumn. And if you need help coming up with other ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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