10 Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas For A Rustic, Feminine Look

10 Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas For A Rustic, Feminine Look

A shabby chic kitchen is all about vintage romance and old-world charm. It’s a cross between the classic farmhouse style, with distressed or whitewashed wood, vintage accents and unique appliances, and the rustic country kitchen that includes embroidered linen, time-worn furniture and the comforting reminder of yesteryear. And it doesn’t have to be overdone. If you’re looking for shabby chic kitchen ideas that are also subtle and feminine, we’ve got a few suggestions to get you started. Even though there’s a theme to these looks, it’s subtle enough that your kitchen decor will stand the test of time. Keep reading to find out more…

10 shabby chic kitchen ideas

1). Repurposed wood

This is a hallmark kitchen decorating option in a shabby chic kitchen. With this kind of kitchen style, you can include wooden decor in a multitude of ways. The traditional option is, of course, wooden kitchen cabinets. But have some fun with it, so the result is original and unusual. You could use repaired wooden materials that others might overlook, or break down newer pieces to give them that worn-in feel.

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2). Open shelves

The decor in shabby chic kitchens tends to lean towards darker, heavier furniture and rich colours. So, to give the space a feeling of lightness, swap traditional cabinets for open shelves. They take up less visual space and give the kitchen a restaurant supply-style atmosphere – so you know it’s a working kitchen and the heart of the home. Go for lighter shades for your open shelves and, if you’re sticking to the wooden aesthetic, make it paler and less bulky.

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3). Rustic kitchen island

It’s one of the largest pieces of furniture in the kitchen, and it can offer so much charisma. In a shabby chic kitchen, use the island to make the most of your decor theme. Go for something worn-looking and wooden, or with unique drawers and cabinets. This is the perfect opportunity to repurpose wood from railway sleepers, pallets, crates or other pieces of furniture. You could also go for a more cottage-style look with a painted or whitewashed finish.

Image by theshabbycreekcottage.com

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4). Pops of pastel

For a really feminine take on the shabby chic kitchen, go for a white-on-white aesthetic with occasional pops of light pastel accessories. It could be anything from vases and tablecloths to ceramic bowls, crockery or even the backsplash. These shades will also help lift the space if your kitchen is slightly darker with heavier furniture. If you don’t want to commit to a specific colour scheme, introduce pops of pastel with fresh flowers, or linens that can be easily replaced.

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5). Vintage linen

There’s no limit to the number of ways beautiful linens can be used to bring warmth, colour and texture to a shabby chic kitchen. Fit them inside the bottom panel of glass cabinets as a pretty way to hide basic crockery. Cover the kitchen island or breakfast nook table with a vintage-inspired tablecloth, or simply drape mismatched linen dish cloths over the edge of the sink or on hooks by the stove. They’re charming and functional.

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6). Old-school appliances

Reserve some of your budget and try a few DIY projects where you can, so that you can save some money for truly authentic old-school appliances. It might mean keeping an eye out at markets and fairs, or being prepared to renovate something that has potential but needs a bit of work. In a shabby chic kitchen, vintage appliances will give the space the finishing touch it needs. Otherwise, there’s always Smeg…

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7). Glass-fronted cabinets

Go for an apothecary look with glass-fronted cabinets that display everything from crockery to herbs and spices. The key here is to incorporate a range of styles like tiny drawers, tall cupboards and plate racks. You could even look around for a free-standing cabinet or armoire for an authentically-vintage feel. Then paint it a subtle cream or white to up the feminine features.

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8). Shabby chic kitchen furniture

The best thing about a shabby chic kitchen is that there’s room to play with unusual or antique furniture. And, possibly, repurpose something you aren’t using in another room. Rather than a kitchen island, turn a bulky dining room table into a distressed work station. Or, repurpose an old desk or chest of drawers as extra storage space. This might require a bit of DIY distressing, but it’ll help save on costs and add a personal touch to your kitchen.

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9). Farmhouse sink

A shabby chic kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a ‘new old’ sink. Something like a farmhouse sink or repurposed vintage basin can bring real personality to your cooking space. They’re also traditionally quite large, so will be ideal when you’re prepping and cooking vegetables, or need a bit of extra space for the washing up. We love this dark farm sink, offset by surrounding lighter cabinets.

Image by @hellolovelyblog on Pinterest

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10). Natural accents

While wood is a hallmark standard in a shabby chic kitchen, there’s also room for loads of other natural materials like rattan, wicker and cork. Go for wicker kitchen stools or a cork pin board where the family can place notes and messages. And, no matter what kitchen style you’re going for, there’s always a reason to include the lush brightness of indoor plants. Bring a bit of the outside world in.

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We hope these brief suggestions have sparked some ideas. And if you need help transforming your home’s kitchen into a shabby chic masterpiece, please contact us to discuss design and renovation ideas.

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