6 Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive – Even On A Budget

So far 2021 has been a long year, and our budgets are already looking a bit thin. But, we still want to live in a bit of luxury, especially if we’re spending more and more time at home. Interiors expert and Mad About The House writer Kate Watson-Smyth has some tips and tricks for giving your home a luxe facelift without breaking the bank. According to her, these are 6 easy ways to make your home look more expensive, even if you’re on a budget…

6 ways to luxe up your home on a budget

1). Go big

If you’ve only got the budget for one item, better make it count. But that doesn’t mean investing in a 20-seater dining table. ‘The first thing to note is that bigger really is better,’ says Kate. ‘But I’m not talking about sofas and tables, I’m talking about the accessories. A large plant will look more luxurious than a tray of tiny succulents.’ And, if it’s table decorations you’re after, opt for a bold vase or big, bright table lamp. They’re relatively inexpensive and don’t take up too much space, either.

Palms from @carttheshop in Linden

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2). Single it out

Flowers always help to make a space look more elegant and polished but, if you’re going to spend money on a bouquet, make sure you stick to a single variety. ‘A huge vase filled with the dried hydrangeas from a summer bouquet will always look good and, another tip – a bunch of one variety looks better than a mixed one, which can look like it’s come from a garage,’ says Kate. We love the idea of single white roses – perfect in almost any setting.

 White Roses 50cm 14 Stems

White Roses 50cm 14 Stems, R119.99 from Woolworths

3). Cover floor space

According to Kate, ‘big owns the room and commands attention.’ She believes that small can look apologetic and like you ran out of money or weren’t sure what to do with the space. ‘So, the first rule of thumb is, make it big,’ she says. Kate suggests always buying the biggest rug you can afford and if you can’t find one to fill the room, either layer several smaller ones or buy a piece of patterned carpet and have the edges bound. The point is that you cover floor space and make the room look as big and grand as possible with a wall-to-wall rug. Look out for seasonal discounts and special offers.

Rugs from @mrp_home

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4). Make a statement

To give your home that really luxury feel, go for bigger art for the walls – on a smaller budget. One statement piece makes a much bigger impact than several smaller posters grouped together in an installation. ‘One large painting will always look more costly than a gallery of small posters. If you can’t afford a single picture big enough to hold the wall, put it in an stunning frame and hang it low and off-centre. This will make it look special, and therefore valuable,’ says Kate.

Printed Flowers 120x90cm Wall Art, R399.99 from Mr Price Home

5). More is more

This follows on from the ‘bigger is always better’ rule. Because the point is, if you’re trying to create that opulent feeling, there’s no point being shy about it. Kate agrees, saying, ‘More is also more. Cushions can be inexpensive, so layer them up. They provide a splash of colour and personality and will make even the saggiest of sofas look plump and comfortable.’ Don’t be afraid to go to town with inexpensive, bold accessories.

Sixth Floor - Dot diamond cushion cover - yellow

Dot diamond cushion cover – yellow by SIXTH FLOOR, R199 from Superbalist

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6). Use negative space

According to Kate, this is the sixth and final trick to creating a luxe atmosphere in your home without spending too much money. ‘Finally,’ she says, ‘play with any empty space.’ Kate claims that a spare corner, with perhaps a pendant light hanging down, tells the mind that you have so much room you can afford to leave some empty. ‘Even putting an armchair across a corner or pulling a sofa forward by a few centimetres creates negative space and allows the room to breathe,’ she says. So while you’re making statements with bold furniture and standout art, don’t feel the need to fill every inch. Cluttered never gave off the impression of cool.

Image by @homewarestore on Instagram

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  1. […] ALSO SEE: 6 Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive – Even On A Budget […]

  2. […] ALSO SEE: 6 Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive – Even On A Budget […]

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