5 DIY Decorating ideas for Valentine's Day

5 DIY Decorating Ideas For Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is officially around the corner. And, as we’ll likely be staying home for much of this Valentine’s weekend, why not turn your home into a special heart-filled haven? If you normally go all-out with presents for family, friends and your significant other, but are running a little low on funds this year, try showing how much you care by bringing a touch of love to your home. That way, everyone will get to enjoy it, whether you’re hosting dinner with friends, having a romantic evening for two, or simply staying home with the family. This year, it’s time to spoil loved ones in a more creative and unique way. For ideas on how to spruce up your home with a bit of romance this Valentine’s Day, check out the easy DIY decorating tips below…

5 DIY decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day

1). String a garland

This is one of the simplest DIY ways to bring a bit of romance to a room. Hang one over the fireplace in the living room, or use them to decorate a bookshelf. You could also drape one over the bed if you’ve got a convenient headboard. And the garlands don’t need to be fancy. Get the kids involved to cut out paper hearts and glue them to string. Or, if you’ve got old Valentine’s cards that you’ve never thrown out, use these as the garland decorations. No idea is too corny. To ramp up the romance factor, layer the strings of garlands and create more of an impact.

Image by @craftingchicks on Pinterest

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2). Create a paper bouquet

Everyone loves flowers. But over Valentine’s Day, some florists take the opportunity to hike their prices or use the mad romance rush to get rid of stock that’s almost past it. This year, rather than spending a bunch on flowers that might wilt in a few days, spend a bit of time creating your very own paper bouquet. It’s as simple as gathering a few dry twigs from the garden, cutting out red and pink paper hearts and pasting them to your ‘branches’. Then, present the final product in a pretty vase or milk jar. The result is charming and ethereal, and won’t cost a penny.

Image by moneyhipmamas.com

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3). Decorate plain candles

Thanks to Eskom, we’re likely to spend some portion of Valentine’s weekend in the dark. So why not plan ahead and take the opportunity to make your candles beautiful as well as functional? Using the same instruments as the above decorations – namely paper, scissors and glue – cut out a few Valentines-ey shapes and paste them to your white candles. This works best with fatter candles, like in the below image. And, for a more crafty DIY twist, rather than gluing the shapes to the candles, use string to tie them in place. Also, as the candle burns down, it won’t make the room smell like glue.

Image by @aspenjaydesigns on Pinterest

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4). Switch up the accessories

This one requires a bit of forethought, as well as a bit of spend. But not much. Add a pop of colour to your living room with a few pink or red throw pillows. Or take things up a notch with interesting textures or prints. If you want to save on costs, think about buying plain white cushion cases and using fabric paint to decorate them in any way you see fit. This is a bit more effort, but could end up being huge fun for you and the family. What’s even better is that you could give the really stylish pillows as gifts to friends and family.

Image result for Positive Vibes We Printed Scatter Cushion, 50x50cm mr price

Faux Fur Heart Shaped Cushion, R79.99 at Mr Price

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5). Dig out your Christmas wreath

There’s no reason Christmas wreaths can’t be re-used when an occasion presents itself. And, with these DIY ideas, it’s fairly easy to un-Christmassy them. You need to start with a plain green wreath, which we probably all have hidden somewhere, and then spend some time giving it a romantic flair. Use your same pink and red paper hearts, add red ribbon here and there if you like, or tie a few edible chocolate hearts to the wreath. The options are endless as long as you have a plain enough canvas when you start. Then, after 14 February, take the Valentine’s decorations down and you can use it proudly again at Christmas time.

Image by @pennypincher1 on Pinterest

Most importantly, have a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s weekend!

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