Easy ways to master modern monochrome decor

Easy Ways To Master Modern Monochrome Decor

When people think of monochrome interior design or decor, they think of stark black and white. Sleek, edgy interiors that are best fitted to a stylish bachelor pad. But that really doesn’t have to be the case. There are so many different options and ways to incorporate monochrome style into your home, and master this popular design trend. Monochrome doesn’t even only refer to black and white, but simply one colour used throughout. As opposed to polychromatic design that features several colour palettes. So, forget what you know about a monochrome space being shades of black, grey and beige.

The only thing is, if you’ve never tackled the monochrome design trend before, the idea of creating a single colour space can be quite daunting. Here, we give you a few simple tips and tricks to successfully mastering monochrome decor. These ideas can be applied in any home, in any style. Have some fun with it!

Tips on how to master modern monochrome decor

Start with a small room

Rather than tackling the whole house, or even a complicated room like a kitchen or living room, start small by mastering monochrome in a less complex space. For instance, a bathroom or study. There’s less space for you to contend with, so you can really think about what you’re creating. And how you want to room to reflect a monochrome feel. In this stylish bathroom, the designer stuck to traditional shades of black and white. But played with texture and pattern to keep things interesting. This is a fairly easy decor trick to try if you’re a monochrome newcomer.

We love the use of interesting tiles in this space – a trendy and inexpensive way to add flair to your bathroom. The patterned floor tiles add an old-school element to this sleek bathroom. And the textured shower tiles make a great final touch. This is sleek and elegant, while also incorporating a bit of personality.

monochrome bathroom

Go mad with texture

If you’re going to stick to one colour, mix it up by using that colour in as many ways as possible. By adding interesting textures, you’re adding layers of expression to your monochrome room. It prevents the space from feeling boring or flat.

We love the way this room has been decorated in textures and shades of blue-grey. Everything from the cushions to the ottomans add something extra to this living room. And texture doesn’t have to be fabric or material-based. The patterned curtains and carpet are also elements of texture in this space. Never has a grey room been more homely and inviting. Monochrome certainly doesn’t have to be cold.

monochrome decor with texture

Experiment with colour

Even though we’re mastering the monochrome decor trend, there’s still room to play with unique and contrasting colour options. Sometimes, by adding a contrasting shade, you make the underlying tones stand out even more. And it really helps to liven up a monochrome space.

This stylish grey-silver room is lifted with pops of contrasting turquoise accents. Here, the designer combined colour and texture to brighten this monochrome living room. The blue offsets the silver perfectly, and the smooth velvet chairs are a wonderful touch. If you think carefully about how to accent a monochrome room, you can create a really exciting space.

monochrome room contrast colour

It’s all in the details

This white and neutral monochrome rooms adds intriguing flair with carefully thought out and unusual details. If you’re going to stick to a simple white or cream monochrome room, mix things up with the accents and finishing touches. And, as far as we’re concerned, neutrals never detract from it being a monochrome masterpiece.

We love the gold details in this room, like the decorative sphere sculpture and linear wallpaper. And florals always brighten up a room. These flower arrangements add a beautiful final touch, and are cleverly placed at ground-level as well as on the shelf to add something different. Simple and effective.

monochrome sitting room details

If you’re nervous, stick to a subtle shade

This monochrome lavender room is simple and chic, and you wouldn’t need to be a design expert to put something like this together. If you’re nervous to take on strong monochrome colour like black, white or royal blue, rather stick to a shade you’re comfortable with. Avoid bright tones if you think that’ll be too much, and complement a calming shade with neutral accents.

We love how this room incorporates various shades and textures of lavender from the wall paint to the bed spread and scatter cushions. And the neutral carpet and bedside table maintain the room’s relaxing atmosphere. If you’re new to monochrome techniques, stick to a decor style like this.

monochrome lavender roomWe hope this has been helpful. And good luck getting to grips with the stylish design trend that is modern monochrome. If you want more help on how to master the decor trend, contact us to find out how we can help you transform your home.


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