how to turn your home into a fun new year's eve venue

How To Turn Your Home Into A Fun New Year’s Eve Venue

Every New Year’s Eve brings with it a certain amount of pressure. You have to have the best night of the year and start the next 12 months right – with bubbly, loved ones and a brilliant outfit. While we love the idea of ringing in the New Year with extravagant celebrations, this year’s countdown might have to be a little different. But that’s not to say it has to be any less festive.

Rather than buying tickets for fancy events, standing in queues at the bar and spending a fortune on a cab home, why not skip the crowds this New Year’s Eve and throw a fabulous party right from your very own home. Given the current climate, this could be the best solution to a great evening. Whether you’re throwing an elegant formal affair, or a simple family braai, these easy tips and tricks will help turn your home into the best NYE Venue – and with very little effort. Check out our ideas below…

Tips to turn your home into a fun NYE venue

Make space – inside and out

At the moment, our homes are filled with Christmas decorations and (probably) a very large green tree standing in the corner of the living room. The turnaround time might be tight, but it’s worth clearing away Christmas decorations and knick knacks if you’re going to be celebrating New Year’s Eve at home. There’s only so much space to work with, anyway.

Decide on where you’d like guests to gather and make sure those areas are tidy and as spacious as possible – places like the kitchen, living room and dining room. It’ll also help if you close the doors to rooms you’ve decided are no-go areas. And, because there’s likely to be dancing involved, create a zone somewhere like on the patio or in the lounge that’s free of unnecessary objects and furniture. You want people to feel free to express their merriment on the dance floor. Also, with our wonderfully warm summer evenings, make sure the outside areas are clean and decluttered. The more space you create inside and outside, the less flustered you’ll feel.

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Create an ambiance

One of the best things about going out for New Year’s Eve is that restaurants and venues have that special atmosphere. There’s an excitement in the air that makes you feel more festive. The good news is that it’s easy enough to create the same vibe at home. Start with the basics, like lighting – think fairy lights up the staircase or displayed in glass jars. Go mad with tea candles and pretty lamps. Then, if you want to go all-out, include a few special decorations like streamers, party hats and tinsel. On New Year’s Eve, there’s no such thing as tacky. For something to save for the countdown, we love the Holly & Ivy Sparklers available at Yuppiechef for only R79. They make for great photographs, too.

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Set a theme

This is one of the few times when a theme for the evening isn’t corny. Not only will it help guests with outfit ideas (all white, fancy wigs and hats?), but it’ll help you determine how to transform your home. What colours are you working with? What decor items can you keep or move in from other rooms? Can you get away with using what you have and only buying inexpensive things like napkins and placemats? A theme also helps you decide what food to serve and, if you’re offering a welcome drink, what it should be. Mexican fiesta with nachos and margaritas sound good? Otherwise, you could keep it simple with a summer braai and gin cocktails. It’s New Year’s Eve, so anything goes. Set a theme that suits you and what your home already offers.

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Plan your playlist

A critical element for any successful party? Music. Plan your party playlist in advance, so you’re not constantly running back and forth changing tracks. If you’re an ultimate host, ask guests beforehand to pick a few songs so your playlist has something for everyone. That’ll provide a source of entertainment all night long. And, if you’re not much of a DJ, trusty Spotify is bound to have a ready-made playlist to suit your New Year’s Eve festivities at home. Also, while you’re planning the tracks, think about things like speakers and the sound system. Resorting to someone’s car radio or mini speaker doesn’t exactly say ‘party of the year’.

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And, once you’ve ticked these things off the list, have fun with fancy New Year’s Eve accessories. We have some ideas below for you…

For some accessories ideas, check out the below…

Metallic Geo Champagne Coupe - Shop New In - Eat - Shop












Metallic Geo Champagne Coupe R59,99 at Mr Price Home

KitchenCraft Clear Acrylic Double-Sided Wine Bucket, R799 at Yuppiechef 

SF Collection - Round smokey drinks trolley - gold

Round smokey drinks trolley – gold, R2 799 at Superbalist

Laid Back Company Breathe Tapered Wooden Paddle Board, R349 at Yuppiechef 

Most importantly, have a very happy NYE!

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